Where do you go if you have an entrepreneurial idea that might radically change the world for the better?

We believe in you! And we are here to help you achieve your vision and take on the biggest challenges of Cambodia. We work with aspiring entrepreneurs through our carefully designed entrepreneurship programs, so stick around to learn more…

What is an entrepreneurship program?

Entrepreneurship programs are our greatest passion. Ranging from weekend Bootcamps to year-long incubators, from inspiration to growth phases, our programs are designed to inspire, connect and enable aspiring and current entrepreneurs like you throughout your startup journey.


From idea to solution

Graduate from this program with a prototype or a clear idea for a product/service and a plan to turn that idea into a business plan. 

An example of a pre-incubation program is SmartSpark.


From solution to business launch

With this longer program, you’ll graduate with a complete business model canvas, financial plan, minimum viable product, go to market strategy, pitch deck and impact logic.
An example of an incubator is DakDam Incubator.


From fledgeling business to stable/investable business

Participants will aim to finish the program with a confirmed business model, management processes in place, growth plan, understanding their routes to scale, strategy, and financing needs and options.
An example is Accelerate2030.

Programs that Lead to Success

Current Programs

KAF Incubator is a 10-month program that supports entrepreneurs in developing and strengthening their ventures that promote climate-resilient and agroecological practices. 

An equity-free 6-month  program supporting early-stage agri-tech startups.

A startup incubation program that supports and accelerates early operational startups focused on health-related problems

A short program aim to connect and inspire Cambodian youth and youth from ASEAN to better understand about climate environment and green jobs

The SmartSpark+ is a 10-week incubation program for early-stage businesses that contribute to making Cambodia a more sustainable and inclusive country through the use of  (ICT). 

Incubator program for aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate on how we build and make our buildings more sustainable and liveable. 

A program that promotes and fosters inclusivity projects that aim to make society more accessible to all.

A campaign for youth to take action mitigating climate change and be part of a climate action community. 

A program for youth in Battambang and Phnom Penh​​​ to create community-based solutions to the challenges raised by young women entrepreneurs.

A program for University students with tech business ideas

Ongoing support for entrepreneurs through mentoring and events

An incubation program designed to build resilience and innovation in the tourism sector has been hit badly by COVID-19.

Ongoing support for entrepreneurs through mentoring and events

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