Toyota Impact Challenge supports young Cambodian innovators that create solutions to challenges surrounding transport, smart cities, road safety, and the environment.

TIC four pillars

Impact Hub Phnom Penh and Toyota Cambodia are pleased to announce the launch of the Toyota Impact Challenge 2018!

The first entrepreneurship program in Cambodia to focus on transport and road safety specifically, the Toyota Impact Challenge also hopes to raise awareness around these largely untapped sectors and inspire innovators to pioneer and contribute solutions to challenges in these sectors. Finally, after six months of incubation at Impact Hub Phnom Penh, one team will be awarded $10,000 to grow their venture.

“We hope that by supporting the startup ecosystem in transport, smart cities, environment, and road safety, that we can create more collaboration and potentially new, innovative services between Cambodian entrepreneurs and Toyota Cambodia”- Hiroyuki Itoh, President of Toyota (Cambodia)


What does the program look like?

The program began with university visits around Phnom Penh to raise awareness and encourage youth to think about entrepreneurship and how they can use it to positively influence the sectors mentioned above.

Ten teams have been selected to go through an intensive 2 day bootcamp on 16th and 17th June, and now have two months to validate their ideas and prepare to pitch their ventures on the 9th of August.

Three teams will then be selected to go through incubation for 6 months at IHPP, where they will receive tailored mentoring, masterclasses, an inspiring workspace (IHPP’s coworking space), and access to Impact Hub’s extensive local and international network.

The three teams will once again pitch their ideas at the end of the incubation period for the chance to win $10,000 to fund their venture.


Why do we need this program?

Traffic accidents were the leading cause of death in Cambodia in 2016 (Ear Chariya, director of Cambodia’s Institute for Road Safety, quoted from VOA article). According to a 2013 study by U.S.-based Handicap International, traffic accidents cost the government $337 million that year, equal to about 3 percent of gross domestic product. They can also have huge ripple effects; school dropouts increase by 30% in victim’s families, and cause financial insecurity for families.

As urbanisation continues to rise (Cambodia’s urban population is expected to double by 2030) along with vehicle ownership (expected increase of 37% by 2030), challenges will no doubt appear, and with it the opportunity to pioneer innovative solutions to create more sustainable development in Cambodia’s cities and transport.  

It’s impossible to ignore the implications of our increasingly urbanizing world. As the global population shifts to cities, solving urban problems represents the key to improving the lives of millions. There are many groups –governments, non-profits, concerned citizens – working on these issues, and IHPP and Toyota Cambodia hope to give young Cambodian innovators a platform to create solutions to these challenges that will affect us all.

Please get in touch with if you have any questions relating to the Toyota Impact Challenge.


Pitching Night

The pitching night is a chance for each team to showcase their startup idea to a panel of judges and an audience. Judges will decide which three teams will make it through to 6 months of incubation with Impact Hub Phnom Penh to kickstart their idea and turn it into a viable business.

Date: Thursday 9th August

Time: 6pm-8:30pm

Location: Factory Phnom Penh

Price: FREE

To register to attend the Toyota Impact Challenge Pitching Night, please use this Registration form.


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