“From 2021 to 2023, Climate Action Week in Cambodia engaged youth in climate education and action, fostering sustainable environmental solutions and collaborative initiatives for a greener future.”

What is

the program?

Climate Action Week in Cambodia is an annual event dedicated to empowering Cambodian youth in climate action and sustainability. Each year, the program focuses on different aspects.

2021: Emphasized climate education, engaging participants in environmental workshops and sustainability discussions, building a Green Cambodia We Want manifesto from Cambodian Youth.

2022: Built on the previous year’s foundation, introducing more collaborative projects and in-person events to gather all young advocates to learn and understand more about Climate Change and the 10-day Climate Action Challenges to see the possible actions they can take to change their lifestyle. 


2023: Under the LCOY format, focused on empowering Cambodian youth to learn more about innovative climate change initiatives. It emphasized equipping them with essential knowledge and skills, fostering creative solutions, and ensuring their voices are heard by relevant stakeholders through the Youth Statement, which was later presented at COY18 and COY28 in Dubai as part of the Global Youth Statement through Young and UNFCCC process. 


These activities collectively foster a robust network of young environmental advocates in Cambodia under the Facebook group Climate Action Youth Cambodia.”

Program Activities

Highlight of Activities in 2021

Workshop on Climate Action Level 1 and Level 2 focuses on understanding climate change’s causes, impacts, and global mitigation frameworks, helping participants identify aspects most relevant to them.

“Heroes of Today” Talk, where 4 heroes share their experiences and journey on Climate Actions.

Discussion on Green Cambodia We want to focus on brainstorming and discussing with panelists to envision Cambodia’s future and identify steps to combat climate change in Cambodia.

Highlight of Activities in 2022

The Climate Action 10-days challenges are daily, action-oriented tasks for youth, each addressing a unique aspect of climate change to foster inspiration and environmental action.

Climate Action Day in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang is a gathering where climate action takers learn from each other and pledge personal actions. The event features “Climate Action Heroes” sharing inspiring stories, a “Green Cambodia We Want” board for pledges and ideas, and the “Green Race,” a fun, educational race using gamified tools to learn about climate actions. 

Highlight of Activities in 2023

Training Sessions: 4-day in-person training sessions for 15 participants focusing on climate action education, clean energy transition, youth-led activities, green job transition, sustainability lifestyle, waste management, climate policy negotiation, and regenerative agriculture.

Local Conference of Youth: A full-day event with over 50 attendees, including young entrepreneurs, CSOs, and government representatives, discussing climate change solutions. A major highlight was the LCOY event, showcasing youth-led projects and panel discussions on youth involvement in climate action, culminating in a “Green Cambodia We Want” dialogue session. 

Impact in Number

Number of Participants to date:

722 Engaged

in all activities online and offline







Manifest/Youth Statement on Green Cambodia We Want

Testimonials from the participants

Participant testimonial LCOY23

“For Me, I feel happy about myself that I could do these challenges. And yeah, I did learn a lot from it. I never knew that what I eat and the electronics I use could affect the environment. And I especially got to know some apps and shops I can use for a better environment by doing this challenge. And yeah, I’ll keep some of these challenges as a habit, Like no plastic day and public transportation.”

“Thank you for sharing. I gained much knowledge, experience connecting, etc, and “Do step by step for our environment.” And I am very glad to see and know all the speakers and facilitators I can say thank you for being my role model. Once again, I am very thankful for spending time with us. I wish I would have a chance to join you again at this special event😊”

Meet the Organizing Team

The project was brought to life by the dedicated team at Impact Hub Phnom Penh, comprising passionate individuals committed to fostering sustainable development and nurturing environmental enthusiasm.

Our Partner

A big thanks to the generous support from UNDP Cambodia and the University of Hull for making this event possible. Your contribution and passion in supporting youth to lead the way in climate action is the only way forward to create a sustainable future for Cambodia.