Compost City – Connecting Ourselves With Soil
17 May 2021 - Songhour Thav

Waste is one of the main challenges that affect the environment as well as our daily lives.  Waste comes from many different sources including factories, markets or urban areas, but most specifically it comes from our daily activities. Tons of kitchen waste(Garbage) is dumped in the landfill, creates odours and pollutes the atmosphere. Seeing this, Monorom created a project called “Compost City”.

Compost City provides Environmental Lovers with the equipment, knowledge and power to transform their kitchen waste into compost at home through a 3-month skill validation program including a ready-made balcony composting system and support service.

It all started when Monorom noticed  that we, humans, now create a lot of waste on the planet through daily life. So she made a switch; Starting from reducing the use of plastics, fuel vehicles, and especially, the wastes in her kitchen. So here it comes,  Compost City project, compost the waste from Monorom’s kitchen to the waste of her customers’ kitchen.

If we talk about the benefits of doing compost, there are many on the list; 

  • We help  reducing waste from the landfill
  • We help transform waste  into natural fertilizers that are good for the soil and other crops
  •  And, for those who live in the city, it helps connect us to be closer to nature, soil.

What Monorom learned/gained the most from this journey was  finding out about her core values and boosting her self-esteem. and In the past, Monorom admitted that she had difficulty in building self-confidence. But another thing that she knew was that she had a deep connection with the environment. So when Compost City existed, she’d begun to discover her values ​​and fulfil her self-satisfaction and confidence.

 “ We don’t need to wait until everything is perfect to start,” – Monorom said, “because in the past  I always thought that my idea and prototype were not good enough to show to others. But I did show to others anyway, and I got feedback. Now I’ve realized that even if it was not good enough or it was just a crazy idea, that is something I love. We should start the prototype then we can keep developing it  over and over again from the feedbacks.”-Monorom

As a vision, besides selling and providing composting services, Compost City also offers fun “soil and environmental” sharing sessions and a compost playground called “Leng Dey.” Leng Dey is for those who are interested in composting can experience and test it, and it is also a place for community catch-up where everyone comes to relax, share and learn from each other as well.

“I see a lot of environmental messages that are very sensitive-some of which sound scary and everyone must do something. But for me, I want people to think that environmental protection activities are fun, and everyone does it because it’s fun and enjoyable. ”-Monorom

May be an image of 3 people and people smiling

Compost City was the winner of SmartSpark Cohort 3 with USD 3000 grant prize. SmartSpark is a 3-month startup incubation program hosted by Impact Hub Phnom Penh and Smart Axiata that offer entrepreneurship and business skills training and mentoring support.

“Our world would  be better if we gave respect and gratitude for all the life on earth.”

If you are interested in Monorom’s startup or want to find out more, you can visit the Compost City Facebook page or call 086 826 510.