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Lady Saving Group Supports Women Through Peer-to-peer Saving

Written by Vandara Sin « ក្រុមសន្សំប្រាក់នារី គាំទ្រស្រ្តីតាមរយៈការសន្សំលុយជាក្រុម​ »​ [English Below]   “In life, you should save three important things; money for your future investment, knowledge and skills, and the goodness you can do to other”- Limheang Brak ជួបជាមួយ លឹមហ៊ាង ជាក្រុម​ប្រឹក្សាភិបាល… More

Press Release: Accelerate2030 Cambodia Brings Innovative Solutions to Scale

Written by Abigail Perriman Impact Hub Phnom Penh and UNDP Cambodia invite you to meet the businesses scaling impact at the Final Pitch 2019   On Thursday 22nd August, Impact Hub Phnom Penh and UNDP Cambodia invite you to join… More

Press Release: DakDam Incubator-Growing Startups in Agriculture

Written by Abigail Perriman Impact Hub Phnom Penh, HEKS Cambodia and the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) Cambodia are excited to launch applications for the DakDam Incubator!   “In Cambodia, the agriculture sector plays a very important role… More

Eleven One Kitchen, Enjoy Your Meal While Reducing Plastic In Cambodia

Written by Vandara Sin “As an entrepreneur, your job is not alone making profit, but be a role model for your customers in making the impact.” – Soklim Srun Meet Soklim, founder of Eleven One Kitchen, one of the rare… More

A Space of Innovation and Collaboration for Young Cambodian Entrepreneurs

Written by Sokcheng Thai Let’s imagine a small resourceful space with one mini library, a large space for interaction and events, one brainstorming room for team discussion, two private rooms for meetings, big colorful beanbags to lay your back on,… More

Press Release: Impact Hub Phnom Penh Takes Its Content Online to Reach Across Cambodia

Written by Olivia Hough Impact Hub Phnom Penh will launch its first online learning platform at the end of this month. A unique learning management system, it will allow impact-makers nationwide to access original online courses in the Khmer language,… More

Meet Student-Entrepreneur Vourchnea on Her Impossible-Possible Journey

Written by Kosoma Kim “When we talk about food, nutrition and safety is the most important part that everyone in the food industry from producers and consumers has to think about.” – Vourchnea Everything begins with the idea and it… More

From Class Assignment to the First Startup in Cambodia’s Market

Written by Kosoma Kim Officially launched in August, GoSoccer made their way into a digital market and claimed to be the first mobile app for booking football pitches in Cambodia. Today I am sitting down with the co-founders, Lim Sengkhun… More

Meet Chanreth Nhoeun and Find Out “Why We Should Rethink About Vegetable Consumption in Cambodia?”

Written by Kosoma Kim | Edited by Abigail Perriman Robyn O’brien, the author of The Unhealthy Truth, said: “We pay the doctor to make us better when we should really be paying the farmer to keep us healthy.” This quote… More

Finding Your Startup Idea

Written by Olivia Hough It can be the roadblock that stops us in our tracks and delays the beginning of our startup journey: finding a great idea. Whether you think you have too many and can’t choose what to focus… More

Meet Sovann Srun, the young woman driving EdTech in Cambodia

Written by Kosoma Kim 5 years ago I have first known Sovan because of her great energy in volunteerism and leadership. Last week, I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with her; she still keeps impressing me about… More

Meet Sokcheng Seang, Blogger & Co-founder of Wapatoa

Written by Kosoma Kim | Edited by Abigail Perriman  From a girl who writes down her curiosity into a blog just to improve her English, to an entrepreneur, co-founder and blogger of! This month we are doing an interview… More