Handing Sustainable Lifestyle Judgments with Poise

5 minutes reading/ October 2023/ by Chantarapeach UT

Have you ever faced judgment for using containers for take-away food at a restaurant or a food stall?

Well, in a society where they are used to using plastics or unsustainable packaging, those with sustainable lunch boxes and containers are the weird ones. The reaction I got toward them has become normal to me, and I perceive it as a positive way to spread the good habit of using them publicly.

Did some coffee shops or boba shops refuse to put your drink in your tumbler, or did people weirdly look at you whenever you did that?

Some coffee or boba shops refused my tumbler, but I had the privilege of choosing to walk away when that happened. Some shops accepted them, but still, I was perceived weirdly every day. Still, I prefer using my own rather than drinking from a plastic cup.

Did I stop trying to live a sustainable lifestyle?

NO! Because it is my lifestyle, and if I can raise awareness about it, even if in the weirdest way,

I would still do it.

That is one way to deal with judgment from living a sustainable lifestyle within a fast industrial

and high rate of waste generation society.

Let’s navigate through some methods below on striving for a sustainable lifestyle despite public judgement.

Understanding the roots of judgments

Before resolving the misconceptions, we need to acknowledge that people’s opinions, awareness, and misunderstandings come from different places, and it’s normal for that to happen. So, the first acceptance stage is recognizing that people have other values and lifestyles that are not like your.

Smiley girl hold the water bottle

Respond with Positivity

Being an optimist and practicing empathy would help ease your mind. Refrain from raising a defensive stance when someone jokes about a sustainable lifestyle, and offer insights into your journey and how it started. By maintaining a positive tone and showing them the bright side of your choices, you shift their negative view on them and might even influence them into becoming “one of us.”

Stay true to your motivations

“No one is you, aside from you.”

Staying true to yourself and remaining connected to your sustainable choices is another hack in the face of judgment. Whether it’s reducing waste, being reasonable consumers, supporting ethical brands, or adopting a plant-based diet for your daily meals, your reasons are valid and deeply personal. 

Set Boudaries

It is crucial to set boundaries, as not every judgment warrants a response. Prioritize your emotional well-being and pick conversations with the potential for respectful exchange and meaningful discussions rather than ones that will create pointless arguments.

Lead by Example

Ultimately, remember you are leading by example, the most impactful way to handle sustainable lifestyle judgments daily. Your actions and choices speak volumes and uniqueness, inspiring others through your commitment, which in turn create a ripple effect extending beyond judgments and society.

Remind yourself of your positive impact on the environment and your well-being regardless of any adverse judgement.

Let’s continue our sustainable lifestyle with passion and determination!

Let’s Walk the Talk!

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