Beginner tips for living with Zero Waste
2 June 2023 - Vutha Sok

Adopting a zero-waste mindset was a decision that I made for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. I wrote this blog to share three beginner-friendly tips to help you get started on your zero-waste journey and feel proud of yourself for doing so, just like me.

Refuse single-use plastics and carry reusable alternatives like cloth bags, reusable cups, and utensils mainly from green entrepreneurs in Cambodia, for example Only One Planet, ZEROW Station, Domer2Eco or Bamboo Eco. It’s an easy and hygienic choice and sometimes can be very stylish.











Embrace the Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, which is the foundation of zero waste and circularity. If I have no choice but to create waste, I reduce it by accessing my consumption habits to not overbuy. I reuse my personal tumblers and tote bags in my daily life. Lastly, I recycle properly by sorting and disposing of recyclable materials at Trash is Nice (for the plastic) and Farm to Table (for the glass). Personally, this is a super simple and easy solution that most of us can actually adapt into our daily life.

Opt for second-hand and Borrowed Items before purchasing new items. I often use second-hand clothes and browse on Phnom Penh Minimalist and Freecycle Facebook groups, or at the ស្នួខោអាវ Clothesline Resale Boutique to find items that can be upcycled for free or at a better price. Some other times I exchange or borrow clothes with my friends to reduce my spending when I need them temporarily. Not to mention, you can also donate or sell your clothes or items in those groups in return as well.

As I start to realize how human activities have been accelerating huge environmental impact on our earth, adopting a zero-waste lifestyle may need effort, but it is a journey that I am willing to embark on. You can try out the three beginner tips that I have been practicing personally as a starter in your daily life and be part of the environment lover group for a more sustainable world and cleaner lifestyle.

“Zero waste is not so much about waste, but it’s very much about our consumption. Be a conscious consumer and support responsible production.” – Sochenda AOK (ZEROW) 

To learn more about the Zero Waste Mindset from ZEROW: click here

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