Empowering Youths Collaboration for Sustainable Climate Action through “Project Green Jobs” under the eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN Cohort 3

Sok Saksisovutha - On 29 July 2023, a group of 15 enthusiastic ASEAN youth volunteers converged in Battambang province to learn about sustainable

11 September 2023 | Vutha Sok
Exchange, Connect and mobilize voices of Social innovators from Cambodia and Laos.

Sabaidee, This is Mony writing. In March 2023, we received the opportunity to go to Laos for an international knowledge exchange visit under the

03 June 2023 | Pichmony Thay
Beginner tips for living with Zero Waste

Adopting a zero-waste mindset was a decision that I made for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. I wrote this blog to share three

02 June 2023 | Vutha Sok
Cambodian Students Hack Their Way to a Better Future: SmartStart ULP National Hackathon 2023 Winning Ideas for Social Change through ICT

Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia - Last Friday, 24th March 2023, up to 500 participants gathered at the Royal University of Agriculture to

03 April 2023 | Socheat Ly
#OnePerson | Creates Conversation Art for New Generation | Uddam Pen

“My Son! Engineers have the power to construct buildings. Doctors treat people's pain and illness. What about you?  What can you do as a

09 March 2023 | Vandara Sin
Blending Innovation and Inclusivity for Positive Social Change

Hi, my name is Mony and I am the Project Manager of NOW-Us! Award Cambodia. It has been more than a year since we talked about our winners of NOW-Us!

07 February 2023 | Pichmony Thay
“3 Health Startups From Cambodia Exploring Health Ecosystem in Switzerland” 

On 17th November 2022, the representative of the top 3 teams of the Lafiya Innovators from Cambodia joined a 9-day "Lafiya Innovators Immersion Week"

03 January 2023 | Vutha Sok
“3 Cambodia health startups won Lafiya Innovators program for the accelerated cash prize and a trip to a health conference in Switzerland”

PHNOM PENH, November, 15, 2022 - In the last three months with Lafiya Innovators program,  the 10 health-related startup teams have been through an

17 November 2022 | Vutha Sok