SAAMBAT Digital Agriculture Accelerator

SAAMBAT Digital Agriculture Accelerator is a local tech accelerator that supports entrepreneurs in the agriculture ecosystem. 

This 6-month equity-free program supports startups and in-house innovation to strengthen and scale their operations, gain customer validation, and accelerate their path to viability through a technology-oriented designed curriculum.

The top 3-5 teams will be eligible for the 200,000 USD grant fund that will be split amongst the cohort and based on the type of solution.

How to apply

By the 23rd November 2023  – 11:59 pm

1. Click to download the Application Form

2. Submit the Application Form here

How to apply

By the 23rd November 2023  – 11:59 pm

1. Click to download the Application Form

2. Submit the Application Form here

Who is it for?

The SAAMBAT Digital Agriculture Accelerator welcomes startups, corporates, NGOs, associations, or autonomous government agencies (excluding Government administrative departments) passionate about improving the lives of smallholder farmers and rural unemployed/underemployed youth by using technology to modernise and improve efficiency in agricultural value chains: agriculture, production, distribution/retail, learning/sharing, and more.


The second cohort is open to non-digital agribusinesses aiming to incorporate technology into their operations. Likewise, established tech companies are invited to join, especially if they can utilise the Khmer Agriculture Suite platform’s API to access agricultural data relevant to their end-users, like delivery companies and accounting software providers.


2 types of digital innovation initiatives are eligible for the program:

A. New innovative product or service: A project in which a new value proposition is developed and launched. This may include startups or innovation arms of corporates or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), or autonomous government agencies, which are at the ideation or conceptualization stage.

B. Expansion into a new market(s): A project which launches an existing product or service into the new market(s). The project must focus on further development of the proof-of-concept solution or scaling proven solutions and approaches.


1. Are based in Cambodia

2. Have at least 1 team member with qualifications and experience either in digital technology or in the development of the rural economy;

3. Propose to develop a digital application/platform linked to Khmer Agriculture Suite (KAS) that can be used for an economic purpose in rural Cambodia (applications for purely social or recreational purposes are not eligible)

4. Demonstrate that there is no equivalent digital application/platform with the same functionalities already available for use in rural Cambodia

5. Demonstrate how the application/platform can become self-financing and sustainable

6. Must co-finance in cash and in-kind of at least 25% of the grant amount requested

7. Have an adequate financial management system to report to Impact Hub Phnom Penh

How to apply

By the 23rd November 2023  – 11:59 pm

1. Click to download the Application Form

2. Submit the Application Form here

This project is part of the 5 years project activities of SAAMBAT,  implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development as an executive agency and the Ministry of Economic and Finance as an implementing agency, which is financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), European Investment Bank, and the European Union Grant.


SAAMBAT Digital Agriculture Accelerator is implemented by Techo Startup Center and organized by Impact Hub Phnom Penh.


Who can apply for the program?

  • To be eligible for the SAAMBAT Digital Agriculture Accelerator, candidates must be tech startups in Cambodia who use technology to enhance efficiency in agricultural value chains or existing agribusinesses seeking to integrate digital solutions. Qualifying applicants should have expertise in digital technology or rural economy development and the financial capacity to co-finance a minimum of 25% of the requested grant amount. Please refer to the “Who is it for” section above for more details.

What is the selection process for this program?

  • After the application closes, 10 to 15 promising candidates will be invited to join a 10-day Pre-Accelerator Program to validate their ideas, solidify their business foundations, and learn from leading entrepreneurs and startup mentors. Following the Pitch Day event, the top 3 to 5 teams will be selected to win the grant and move further to the contracting phase, as well as an opportunity to participate in the Accelerator Program.

Why should I join the SAAMBAT Accelerator instead of other programs?

  • SAAMBAT Digital Agriculture Accelerator stands out due to its inclusive and equity-free 6-month program. Participants have the opportunity to access grant funds ranging from USD 40,000 to USD 66,000, depending on whether three or five teams are awarded a total of USD 200,000. The program has a strong focus on technology-driven agricultural innovation and offers unique access to the KAS platform, which can serve as a foundation for building innovative solutions.

Does my business need to be legally registered to apply to the program?

  • During the pre-incubation period, registration is not required. However, if you become one of the 3-5 finalists, you will need to register to become eligible for funding. The Techo Startup Center team will provide support in the administrative process during this stage.

How much time commitment is expected from me to join the program?

  • Please refer to these guidelines for more details.

Are there any conditions on the use of the seed funding?

  • Yes, there are. Please refer to these guidelines for more details.

I have just an idea, can I still apply?

  • No, you need to have more than just an idea. You need to have some existing prototypes and a complementary team already. However, you do not need to have lots of sales yet.

If I have an agribusiness with no digital model, can I still apply?

  • Yes, you are welcome to apply if you have an agribusiness with no digital model but aspire to integrate digital solutions into your operations or established tech companies that can utilise the Khmer Agriculture Suite platform’s API to access agricultural data relevant to their end-users like delivery companies and accounting software providers. The program is also designed to support not only tech startups but also existing agribusinesses in transition to digital models, fostering collaboration and innovation in the agriculture sector.

Will my product/service (software/innovation) developed through this acceleration program be owned by the applicant or Techo Startup Center?

  • The ownership of the product/service developed by the applicant belongs to the applicant only. The Acceleration Program aims to support your development and scale up the initiative to support our agricultural value chain and rural users.

If I work on hardware connected to software applications or technology, can I still join the program?

  • As long as it contributes to strengthening the Agriculture Value Chain, particularly in Vegetables and Crop Farming, we highly encourage you to apply.

Why do we need to integrate with the Khmer Agriculture Suite (KAS) platform?

  • We encourage applicants to work together on API integration with the KAS platform so you can access relevant open-source data related to the agriculture value chain that would support your business as well as your end-users.

How to apply

By the 23rd November 2023  – 11:59 pm

1. Click to download the Application Form

2. Submit the Application Form here

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