In 2021 Impact Hub Phnom Penh collaborated with Voice in Cambodia to executive a project that has been done on the international level but never a national level. With Impact Hub Phnom Penh experience in incubation, Voice in Cambodia knowledge and network also the support from the Ambassadors we recruited, we managed to successfully organize NOW-Us! Award for the first time in Cambodia!

We identified 10 teams representing 5 rights-holders groups that have ongoing initiatives that are led by rightsholder groups as well as address the matter of innovation on diversity and inclusion to join the virtual Bootcamp, The virtual Bootcamp is a three-week program aimed at furthering orienting and strengthening their capacity and revisiting project ideas as well as inclusive approaches along the NOW-Us! journey.

NOW-Us! Poster 2022

After the Bootcamp was finished the next time frame of within 1 month the 10 teams build their pitch deck with the support from Voice ambassadors, who are professionals, influencers, and the well-connected issue of a marginal group in Cambodia and Impact Hub Phnom Penh expert mentors in project management and pitching skills.

The star projects joining our program

Neary is an online platform, working to combat all the negative social norms and stereotypes for gender equality. Winning first place with their #IYOUAREBEAUTIFUL Campaign

Saori Organization is a non-profit organization that works for a society where people with disabilities have the opportunity to study skills, obtain decent employment, earn a living, and to live a dignified life. Winning 2nd place with their capacity building and women with disabilities empowerment project.

SafespaceBTB is a community project working toward creating a safe and creative space for LGBT youth in Battambang province. Winning 3rd place with their capacity building and space building project.

In the Pink is an independent digital campaign that seeks to raise awareness of conceivably life-threatening warning signs during and after pregnancy and improve communication between women and their companions

Untangle is a digital campaign working to raise awareness on mental health and mental health issues in Cambodia and providing E-therapy to Cambodians.

HearUs is a digital campaign to raise awareness of SOCIESC rights, create safe space, and empower voices of LBTIQWomen and inclusion.

Cambodia Association of Hansen people of Cambodia is a non-profit organization working on promoting people with disabilities rights, improving the quality of life, empowerment, promoting disability Inclusion, strengthening access to justice, and promoting accessibility.

Organization to promote KUI culture is a community project working on programs such as community mobilization, education and culture,  legal section, and livelihood development for the indigenous people in Cambodia.

Save Vulnerable Cambodian is a non-profit organization working together to eradicate poverty, sustainable development of the environment, social justice, and the promotion of fundamental human rights in a democratic society.

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