#OnePerson | Creates Conversation Art for New Generation | Uddam Pen
9 March 2023 - Vandara Sin

“My Son! Engineers have the power to construct buildings. Doctors treat people’s pain and illness. What about you?  What can you do as a painter?” – Uddam’s mom asked him.


Many painters/artists aspire to showcase their artwork in galleries for public viewing. This is also the dream of Uddam Pen, the owner of the Facebook page Penkuro.

Some of us may have come across his work in different places, including books, exhibitions, cartoons, Facebook pages, and other sources. His creative output has been widely disseminated and appreciated by many people.

Uddam’s love for drawing and reading children’s books like “Tam Tam” and “Mop and Mab” during his younger years ignited a passion within him that ultimately led him to pursue a career as a Conversation Art Illustrator today.

​​Conversation art is a key tool that helps make difficult topics more enjoyable and easier to comprehend and learn. This, in turn, can enhance the effectiveness of reading and learning plus incorporating themes that resonate with the current generation’s social issues such as gender, identity, social norms, environment and more.

“My ultimate goal is to produce thought-provoking art that can inspire and educate the new generation.” – Uddam.

Uddam recognizes that art can serve a purpose beyond entertainment, and he is actively striving to make a difference through his work.

Now you know #OnePerson’s story – Uddam Pen. How do you feel after reading this?

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