Impact Hub Phnom Penh Mentoring Program

"When I didn't have a mentor I didn't know my real potential, having a mentor has helped me learn how to run a startup and find my way, be connected with the right people and to not feel alone on this journey" Kun Navorth, Vibe Soul.

What is a mentor and why should you have one?

A mentor is a professional who has volunteered their time to offer advice, guidance, encouragement and support to you and your team. They are never there to judge, and they are not like a teacher, boss or colleague. This means they will not tell you what to do or do the work for you!

Starting a business is not easy and noone should have to do it alone! Entrepreneurs, future leaders, and changemakers need mentors to guide them, inspire them and motivate them to develop and achieve their goals. That’s why we’ve recruited awesome leaders with a diverse set of skills. Learn more about each of our mentors below.

Who can access Impact Hub mentors?

We offer support to program alumni through our Hub Entrepreneurs Club, including regular Masterclasses, access to mentors, and our extensive network. We know it takes time to start a business, so as long as you are actively working on a startup, you can be a member of the club.

Not joined a program? You can still apply to join Hub Entrepreneurs Club if you are Cambodian and currently working on a startup with a social or environmental purpose. We will review your application and invite you for an informal meeting to see if we can offer the right support for you.

You can apply using this form, or get in touch with Abi ( if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Interested in being a mentor?

We are not currently actively recruiting for mentors. However if you are interested please get in touch with Melanie at and check out some of the fantastic teams we work with at Impact Hub

Impact Hub Mentors

Kerry Boys

Kerry is a passionate strategic problem-solver, utilising these skills to accelerate the growth of individuals and organisati…

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Nithya Menon

Nithya is an engineer whose expertise ranges from high tech firmware and software all the way to low tech mechanical solution…

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Christopher Treshan Perera

"It's a capital mistake to theorize before one has data" - Sherlock Holmes. But what is data? At American Express, Bloomberg …

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David Sweeting

David Sweeting is the Founder and Director of The Urban Platform Studio - an advisory, project management and research consul…

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Timol Pen

Timol has several years of professional working experience in fields of finance, accounting and taxation. He started his prof…

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Daniel Walker

Daniel has lived in Phnom Penh since 2016 when he founded the South East Asian branch of African Clean Energy, a family owned…

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Swapnil Deshmukh

Swapnil Deshmukh, is the Founder of "Socials - Coffee & Humanity" and Head of Business Development, SE Asia at Cignifi Inc. H…

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Syahrulfikri Salleh

Syahrulfikri Salleh (Ajin) has been involved in the creative industry since 2000 and has exhibited his work in numerous local…

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Danin Ly

Danin specialises in customer relationship management, leadership, people management, project management, statistical data an…

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Socheata Bun

Born passionate with art, technology and entrepreneurship, Socheata Bun is currently Marketing Manager of Soyo Entertainment …

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Joey Ra

Joey is a life coach and consultant, with a background working for global corporations including Deloitte and Prudential. His…

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Phallin Hor

Phallin has been working in the IT field for almost 6 years, and is passionate about how technology can support businesses. S…

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Maximiliano Berger

Currently working as Head of Business Development for Wing Specialized Bank, a mobile banking services provider with the comm…

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Richard Yim

Richard is the CEO of Demine Robotics, a company that build a robotics solution for explosive clearance. Demine Robotics was …

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Cheryl Lee

Cheryl is a tech enthusiast & a devotee of sound business analytics. She has been actively involved in investment projects ac…

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Pete Ford

Pete is Editor in Chief at QED, a PR and digital marketing agency that works with some of the world's (and Cambodia's) most f…

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Ashish Fitkariwala

Ashish Fitkariwala is the Founder and Director of EduQuest Hub, which is the first Educational information portal and marketp…

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Heng Sok

Heng is the Head of Smart Axiata Innovation Lab at Zaman University, the university-based lab in Cambodia that utilize practi…

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Afnan Hannan

Afnan has a background in renewable energy, energy efficiency and IoT. He's currently the co-founding CEO of Cambodian x Aust…

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Chhunny Noem

Always smiling, Chhunny specialises in leadership training for those who want to make a positive impact using innovative tech…

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Keanghok Lay

Lay Keanghok is a tech enthusiast and a cofounder of Catastore, an online marketing place in Cambodia. In addition, he has b…

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Roswell Thomas

Roswell Thomas is the Head of Business Development at 17 Triggers, a marketing agency that focuses on using advertising and h…

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Dorothée Etienne

Dorothée has been working as a strategic design consultant in Cambodia since 2013. She works with handicraft social business…

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Sokhema Nara

Sokhema Nara is an educator, social entrepreneur, and adviser to social and educational initiatives. Her life mission is to h…

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Karen Moik

Based out of Phnom Penh, Karen is an Investment Analyst at the social venture capital fund, Insitor Management. Prior to movi…

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Kimsophat Kong

Kimsophat is a Cambodian entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Making It Easy Co.,Ltd. This successful startup is the first compan…

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Phatry Derek Pan

Derek Pan has over 15 years of experience in digital media and community development. Upon completion of the Asia Pacific Lea…

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David Benaim

David moved to Cambodia and founded Xlconsulting to pursue his passion for adding value & efficiency to small businesses and …

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Hilton Lam

Hilton is a growth marketer with experience working with high-growth startups, accelerators, tech companies and non-profits. …

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