Mentoring with Impact Hub Phnom Penh

Want to support the next generation of change-makers in Cambodia? 

We are looking for talented people who are aligned with our values, passionate about supporting Cambodia’s startup ecosystem, and who have skills, experience and networks that can support our entrepreneurs. 

We offer tailored and one-to-one mentoring as a key feature of many of the Impact Hub entrepreneurship programs, as well as the Hub Entrepreneurs Club. A great mentor can have a huge impact on the development of an entrepreneur and the success of a startup.


Why does Impact Hub offer to mentor?

  1. To develop the technical skills and provide holistic emotional and professional support for entrepreneurs. We look for variety in our mentors; to accommodate our communities’ diverse needs, levels of development, and personalities.
  2. To give mentors exposure to the thriving and emerging startup entrepreneurial scene of Cambodia, and the chance to improve their own skills at coaching and giving back to their community.
  3. To create a pool of expert mentors that together create high quality and unmatched support for entrepreneurs to access

What makes a good mentor?

A good mentor:

    • Can build a positive relationship with the entrepreneur or startup team
    • Is a source of advice, guidance, encouragement & support, and is never there to judge
    • Is genuinely motivated to work with entrepreneurs and support their personal and professional development
    • Is open to sharing her/his knowledge and experience, including her/his failures
    • Is generous with their network and happy to connect entrepreneurs when appropriate
    • Will challenge their mentees in a constructive way

What type of mentoring can I offer?

We have two types of mentors; one-off and ongoing. A mentor might offer entrepreneurs one or both of these. 

  • One-off mentoring is when a team needs to speak to someone once or twice to get advice in a particular area, such as help with writing a grant application, or specific technical advice in an industry or area of business, such as agritech, public sector, branding, or product development. 
  • Ongoing mentoring is when a team is matched with a specific mentor, and both sides commit to work together for (usually) a minimum of six months.
  • We also love it when mentors want to share their expertise through workshops and masterclasses. These are hosted in our Innovation Garage and are a fun way to work with and impact a group of entrepreneurs who are eager to learn from your experience. 

What are the criteria for becoming a mentor?

We want to grow a diverse pool of mentors for our entrepreneurs, and we appreciate a whole range of experience, skills and backgrounds will be important for that. Here are a few features we look out for, with some flexibility:

  • Having experience running your own business (good to have but not compulsory)
  • Khmer national, or living in Cambodia for a minimum of one year 
  • Being empathetic 
  • Having previous experience mentoring (in a team at work, or a startup)

We particularly encourage applications from Cambodian nationals and women. 

What kinds of skills and experience are you looking for from mentors?

We’re looking for a wide range of skills and experience, so we’ll share a few examples here. This is not exhaustive though, if you’re unsure you can email Socheata ([email protected]) before applying:

  • Entrepreneur, particularly with experience of starting a business in Cambodia
  • Financial management 
  • Investment and access to finance for startups
  • Go to market strategy
  • Operations and strategy
  • Pitching skills
  • Copy-writing and blog engagement
  • Marketing and communications
  • Specific industry expertise, particularly in Cambodia (e.g. Agriculture, Tech, Education, smart cities, wellbeing, environment…etc)
  • Personal development coach

What are the perks of being a mentor?

As a token of our appreciation for your dedication and passion, we offer a few perks of being a mentor with Impact Hub! 

  • Free access to Masterclasses 
  • Opportunity to deliver Masterclasses based on your area of expertise
  • Free access to Innovation Garage 1 day/week
  • Access to a network of mentors
  • Access to Impact Hub’s wider network
  • Mentor training 2x a year

What is the commitment required from mentors?

This will vary depending on how many teams you are matched with and what kind of support you are offering. We anticipate a commitment of approximately 2 hours per month if you are matched with one team as an ongoing mentor. 

Mentors should feel comfortable committing to working with Impact Hub for a minimum period of 6 months.


“I started my journey as a mentor through the SmartStart program. I would say that my experience with Impact Hub has been fascinating so far. Through various initiatives and programs, Impact Hub is impacting the community in it’s a unique way: intense yet fun, challenging yet motivating, simple yet practical.  By mentoring for Impact Hub, I have learnt a lot from the younger generation, and have been surprised and glad to see such a powerful and committed community.”

” I’ve had a great pleasure being a guest speaker for a training session of SmartStart and DakDam implemented by Impact Hub. I believe Impact Hub is one of the key players in Cambodia’s startup ecosystem which promotes entrepreneurial mindset and connect entrepreneurs with mentors through incubators and other community initiatives. ”

Bun Meng Leng – Mekong Strategic Partner / Investor


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