Empowered Women Inspire Impact Hub Community

by Sonen Soth

Impact Hub recently hosted it’s second instalment of Women with Impact, one of Impact Hub’s biggest and most exciting events of the year. The event celebrates women’s successes and Impact Hub invited five incredible Cambodian speakers to showcase their experiences becoming empowered and independent women.

This time, we collaborated with Wedu, a leadership development organization that aims to unlock the leadership potential of 'rising star' women in Asia, to continue the celebration of Women's International Day. With over 100 participates coming through our doors, our community were very excited to find out about our speakers diverse experiences and hear their words of wisdom.

Here’s what our awesome speakers shared with us:

“Why Have Gender Roles When You Can Have Spring Rolls?” - Seang Sokcheng

Starting things off a little differently, Sokcheng began her talk by asking all the participants to eat the delicious spring rolls placed on the table. People remained hesitant at first- but it soon acted as a great way to break the ice!

In her talk, Sokcheng told us about her vision of a perfectly equal society, one whose citizens have the freewill to do anything (legally, of course) regardless of their gender. Maybe a guy can enjoy strawberry body mist, and a girl can be a hardcore bodybuilder without any reaction. She uncovered for the audience how she purchased this genderless lens, and how we too can learn to view society without the lens of gender constraints.

“As A Woman” - Mak Sovannaret

Next on stage came Sovannaret from the provinces, who has pushed herself out of her comfort zone in order to expose her to new experiences. She spoke about her perspectives on how our society defines what is expected of a woman or girl, including her appearances, behaviours and opinions. She also brought her thoughts and beliefs on gender equality in our society.

“How Wedu Helps me and other Rising Stars” - Sdoueng Phearong

Phearong spoke about her struggling life as a daughter in a poor family and how Wedu helped her to follow and continue her dream to become an assistant of the UK Ambassador in Cambodia. With her emotional and personal story, Phearong touched our audience’s hearts giving a clear picture of how Cambodian women experience poverty.

"The Bed Is Yours" - Lomorpich Rithy

Aspiring artist Lomorpich was up next, and is well known for starting Plerng Kob and going on to establish a popular village festival called “Bonn Phhum”. Lomorpich gave us a fascinating glance into her life’s story and what made her who she is today. She believes every woman and man are equal as human begin. Nothing less or nothing more. All you can is to sleep, dream, wake up, it's all yours.

“Knowledge is the capital”

 - Neang Sovanthana ( DJ Nana)

Dj Nana was our last speaker- a Program Producer, MC and the Facebook page owner of Dj NanaTips. She spoke to the audience about how her knowledge has brought her career success as well as the success of her love life. Nana believes “the beauty of a woman could have come from birth or making up. Beauty is very attractive to men and sometimes also provides job opportunities, but it is unstable. Knowledge cannot be seen from the outside, but it is a strong capital and it is like armour that will bring life to find success and true happiness.

"I feel that I have gained a lot from this topic by understanding more about women. Even though the topics are presented related to women matter, I think as a man I find lots of ideas that benefit me and give me a better general knowledge."

Umchan Raksa

In celebration of our third and biggest Women of Impact yet, we offered five participants a free dinner at Eleven One Kitchen with their favourite speakers to give them extra time for further discussion after the event. Enthusiastic entrants were asked to hold up a piece of paper and completing the sentence “For me, women empowerement is…” followed by the hashtag #WomenWithImpactPP #KeepRising. We had lots of fantastic, inspiring entries and the dinner was a huge success!

Overall the event was once again a huge success with over 100 people joining in. Bringing different perspectives from different women to raise awareness about gender equality in Cambodia, Women Of Impact hoped to show what women are capable of over the limits set by any social norms. We hope to see more young Cambodians join Women With Impact in the future, to enable them to connect and outgrow themselves with diverse ideas.

"I think that this was a great event because people can get more ideas and advice about life. For me, I got a lot of advice by hearing their experiences. They have shown me the way to go and where I should start. Also, I learned new ways to solve my a lot of my problems by listening to the positive things from their talk."

Kong Vuthy
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