The EU rewards 3 Liger Leadership Academy students for their energy-efficient project
22 October 2019 - Vandara Sin

Written by Abigail Perriman 

The EU rewards 3 Liger Leadership Academy students for their energy-efficient project


Phnom Penh, 21 October 2019 –  On Saturday 19th, Impact Hub Phnom Penh with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to the Kingdom of Cambodia has organized a one-day Hackathon in Phnom Penh, where 50 young entrepreneurs and students focused their efforts on solving four climate challenges related to clean energy, single-use plastic, air pollution and sustainable consumption. 

The hackathon is part of ‘Climathon’, a global year-round programme initiated by EIT Climate-KIC to mobilize citizens to take part in climate actions across the world. As part of the European Climate Diplomacy, the EU Delegation encouraged Cambodian youth to reflect and innovate on how to address climate-related issues in the country.

During the Hackathon, the participants were split into eight different teams and mentored by Phnom Penh city’s climate challenges initiators: EU Delegation, Global Green Growth Institute, EnergyLab and GoGreen Cambodia. The four suggested challenges were: 1) How can we reduce and even cut out single-use plastics in Phnom Penh?; 2) How can we support a rapidly growing electricity demand using clean energy?; 3) How can smartphone technology be used in Cambodia to empower sustainable consumption?; 4) How can we improve air quality through behavioural change initiatives?


After 10 intense hours of brainstorming and collaboration, the jury selected the project of 3 Liger Leadership Academy students, Sovannou Pich, Sotheara Khim and Somphors Yun, as the most promising and impactful idea. The winning team would like to develop a consulting agency providing energy audit services to Cambodian organizations and small enterprises. The main purpose is to collect and analyze energy consumption data from organizations to reduce energy inefficiencies. 




“What an amazing event! As a first time co-facilitator for a Hackathon event,  I was so impressed with the number of new ideas and energy coming from participants. Everyone involved worked hard to find solutions to make Phnom Penh a greener and healthier city to live in. It was refreshing to see within one day how much each team can accomplish. They formed a team, brainstormed ideas, selected an idea to work on and pitched to judges. And the judges were so impressed by their quality, well done!” – SENG Socheata, Community Builder, Impact Hub Phnom Penh.


The EU Delegation warmly congratulates the winners who have won $500 to develop their project and a 6-month support from Impact Hub’s Entrepreneurs Club.

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Climathon Global Community

New this year are the inaugural Climathon Global Awards, a celebration of transformative solutions developed during Climathons between 2015-2019. The awards serve as a platform to celebrate the community built so far. It is also a far-reaching global call for city leaders and citizens to collaborate with scientists, NGOs, entrepreneurs and other innovators to develop innovative local solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

In particular, there will be a strong focus on ‘transformative solutions’ through its Citizen Award and ‘systemic innovation’ through its City Award. Climathon Global Awards winners receive financial and non-financial support to take their ideas to the next level.


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