Thav Songhour

Community Manager

Abit about me:

A living library of energizing games and activities, a cheerleader & encourager. Want to have someone to talk to about your growth & connection with Impact Hub community, talk to me, because your experience with us is what I care about


🎥 Video Production ( Story Board, Script Writing, Filming, Editing)
📋 Content Creator ( Social Media Management, Copy Writing, Audience Engagement)
🎉 Event Management ( Event Flow, PR for Event, OBS Livestream, MC or Moderator)
🎤 Public Speaking & Debating ( Tips & Tricks, Matter, Manner, Method)
🥳 Group Energizer (Team Building Activity both Physically & Virtually)
🧘 Personal Well-being (Self-Discovery, Living in Present, Personal Growth)

How can I help you?

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Contact me

Facebook: Songhour Thav


“Life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you work for.”