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SmartStart Hackathon 2018: 15 teams selected by judges to go to TechnopreneurCamp!

SmartStart Hackathon 2018: 120 students in 30 tech startup teams take on the challenge! Written by Abi Perriman (Program & Impact Manager) At 8:30am on Saturday 28th April, excited and apprehensive students started arriving at The Factory in Phnom Penh… More

Meet an Entrepreneur Who Makes Cambodia Easier

“Where is Cambodia?” “Do you have TV in your country?” have been asked to a young man, Kong Kimsophat, working as an Intern in United State; where he was curious and learnt why not many people know about Cambodia. This… More

Solving the Challenges of a Growing City

Solving the Challenges of a Growing City: Entrepreneurs to Tackle Road Safety, Smart Cities, Future of Transport and the Environment Step off the plane, or out of your house in Phnom Penh, and you’ll notice it pretty quickly- this city… More

SDG Fellowship with UNDP Cambodia: Fellows Announced at Launch Day Event

After a week of difficult decisions, we are pleased to announce that five wonderful teams have been selected as our fellows for the Sustainable Development Goals Fellowship! We welcomed them to this new program, endorsed by UNDP Cambodia, at our… More

A Journey to the Forest of Success

Written by Vitak Cheav Originated from a family in which plastic supports daily business, one of the founders of DerPrey (meaning in English walking in the forest) takes a twist and endeavors to help protect and raise awareness about Mother… More


Located on the 10th floor of B-Ray Tower, Wedushare’s brand new office stands on the very edge of the sky, ready to assist those in need on a journey to a higher education. Being a platform, which aims to break… More

Four Essential Free PR Activities Every Startup Can Try

We all know that big companies do PR, but what does it mean for a startup, and is it possible to generate PR around your business without paying the big bucks? We met with PR firms in Phnom Penh to… More

Design Thinking Workshop with Atlassian

by Olivia Hough We were very lucky to welcome the Atlassian Foundation to Impact Hub Phnom Penh this month, to co-create and facilitate a design thinking workshop focusing on education and youth. It was inspiring to see so many young… More

Five Tips for Storytelling for Impactful Projects

by Abigail Perriman At Impact Hub Phnom Penh we decided to trial a new event series called Storytelling For Change, a hands on course to learn how to share your impact story with the world. This intensive course series was… More

Launching Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s Community Manifesto!

The article was written by Olivia Hough Here at Impact Hub, the community has always been important to us. But what does community mean? Sometimes this word can seem a bit vague, right? We realised perhaps saying we are a… More

Impact Hub Mashup

Article written by awesome Impact Hub Ambassador Vitak Cheav. This month, Impact Hub Phnom Penh joined its first ever Impact Hub Mash-Up, regarding the subject of the environment. We welcomed four amazing speakers who honored the stage by detailing how… More

Impact Stroll V.5

Social Enterprise Cambodia and Impact Hub teamed up to organize the 5th edition of our “Impact Stroll” through which participants got the opportunity to explore different social enterprises around the city of Phnom Penh. After an introduction of the concept… More