Edemy offer online and offline blended English education to ensure that everyone can learn English irrespective of their affordability, location and resources.

Tesdopi តេស្ត១២ is an assess-and-improve tool to help high school students excel in math and science subjects. Students can test their competencies by topic and master the individual competencies they have not yet acquired by watching tutorial videos and practicing on the app or seeking help from their teachers and other resources, thus preventing a student from falling behind.

វិបស្សាVIPASSA is a team of dedicated professional facilitators and coaches specialized in self-mastery, leadership, organizational development, and team building.

Fly Beautiful is an online Book Market featuring local Cambodian authors and Khmer-translated books.

WEduShare’s Mission is to give youth the power to embark on the exciting journey to higher education in a welcoming online community filled with high achieving Cambodian youth.

Scholar Library is a community library that aims to promote an intellectual society and economy, especially among the young generation. The library encourages Cambodians to create a local knowledge resource for our country.

Sisters’ dream: Community supporting women changemakers in the province, through leadership and entrepreneurial activities.

Sala Enrollment: is a website where you can do the research for your dream universities, schools, find out the tuition fees, and register for a seat.

Digital Noodle: is a digital show for tech geeks and entrepreneurs.

មាគ៌ា – MeaKea is an educational consulting company that helps students prepare for their future studies and explores their passion by connecting them with volunteering opportunities where they can grow practical new skills and expand their network.

Academy of Careers and Technology (ACT) provides Career and Technical Education (CTE) for elementary and high school students. Their curriculum includes Tourism, Digital Media Design, Accounting & Business Management, App & Web Development, and Technology.

Rean AAN: an online reading platform that helps children in primary school learn to read the Khmer language in a fun and entertaining way.

Cambodia Coaching Institute (CCI) is a social enterprise that empowers organizations through professional training and coaching services to create inclusive, diverse, and high-performing environments for well-being and thriving employees.


Only One Planet provides superior quality biodegradable food packaging as a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam & plastic.

Compost City offers home-composting programs to learn how to compost in 3-month. They provide the equipment, knowledge and power to transform your kitchen waste into compost and to reconnect with the soil.

Green Lady Cambodia is a women-led social enterprise that provides safer menstrual product choices, menstruation classrooms, training and sewing workshops for girls and women in Cambodia.

Bamboo Eco is an innovative enterprise that supplies all eco-friendly and products made from bamboo in Cambodia.

TONTOTON offers a pioneering and holistic solution to plastic pollution, combining awareness for the reduction and responsible use of plastic, source segregation to prevent plastic leakage, and legacy plastic collection from the coastal environment.

Trash is Nice: is a plastic recycling workshop located in Phnom Penh, which is part of the Precious Plastic movement. They produce handcrafted items and host training for corporates and schools.

We Lab focuses on developing an innovative approach to block macro- and microplastics before entering the sea by using solar-powered air bubble screening devices through installation at the wastewater canal that discharges to the sea.

GOMI Recycle collects general plastic waste and industrial waste and turns discarded plastic waste into high-quality building materials and stylish furniture that are durable, beautiful, and can be recycled countless times without degrading.

Young Eco Ambassador is a family of earth loving individuals who empower, inspire and educate each other and our society toward a more sustainable ways of living.

Samatoa Lotus Textiles produces luxury natural materials using lotus and other products native to Cambodia. They are undergoing research and development into produces cheaper materials and combine natural products and recycled plastic in order bring their sustainable products to a wider market.

Bodhi Tree Naturals offers environmentally friendly cleaning products that transform the way consumers use cleaning products for a significant positive impact on the environment and the health of our oceans by eliminates single-use plastic waste and promotes a circular economy.

COMPOSO is a business that chooses to process organic waste into high-nutrient compost to solve the shortage of compost for growing crops and the growing amount of waste in the city.


Junlen is a vermiculture project, which allows the recycling of organic waste into rich nutrients through the cultivation of earthworms.

Eleven One Kitchen is an environmentally conscious restaurant that offers delicious and healthy cooking. They ensure high employment standards, working with other social enterprises to develop young Cambodians working in the hospitality industry.

Camkaseka provide farming Chicken for local/restaurants and technical support/supplies for locals who want to do it by themselves to help increase the supply of safe and quality chicken to the market, increasing the revenue for local farmers.

Cammera Fruit Shop supplies the best Khmer durian and sells local seasonal fruits in Cambodia.

DakDam Cooperative is a community-corporate partnership (CCP) for sustainable development to redistribute resources in agribusiness, ecotourism, environmental protection in Mondulkiri.

PhallChangrit innovates the cricket value chain product, from the production of low-cost cricket feed to the production of highly nutritive cricket-based products.  

DamDoh App: is a mobile App that helps farmers produce food, provides relevant skills and soft-skill training, and helps craftspeople produce handcrafts

SOGE Cambodia: provides high quality and standard products and services selling solar systems such as solar off-grid, solar water pump, solar hybrid, and solar backup systems and repair & maintenance.

Reacheany: SME working with local banana farmers in sourcing local bananas and producing high-quality banana chips, which is distributed across Cambodia.

Envi Rice: social business trading floating rice and rice-based products, which is chemical free and empowers small rice producers from the TonleSap, as well as helping to preserve the local biodiversity.

AGRO Nature provides compost fertilizer to farmers while they buy back the onion from the contract farmer, who has been trained in the agricultural standard and then distribute the onion to Phnom Penh.

Natural Farm kirirom: private company providing services for Conservation Agriculture such as consultancies for implementation, seeds for cover crops and organic inputs for crop and livestock production.

Phka Doung Handicraft: Community-led social business empowering local women through production of handicraft products such as coconut oil, and sustainable packaging.

Laey Baitong: agribusiness enterprise contributing to enhance livelihoods of local agricultural producers.

Bong Snack is Cambodian brand of wholesome snacks, made by fresh fruits & nuts from small farming communities in Kandal and Kampong Thom province. Bong Snack uses solar technology to make the products safe and clean to eat.

Angkor SALAD: App using geodata based information service in Cambodia to increase production, income, food security and reduce the inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. This service provides irrigation advice, fertilizer advice, crop planning advice, market information and Khmer gap compliance.

iGreenSynergy is a safe plant spraying product to tackle pests, diseases, and nutrition.

​ AGRO AGAPE is a whole supply chain business model that stands behind farmers to create a support system by training and developing their products to match market requirements.

Suhean Handicraft for Food Processing, Dried Fruits and Vegetables Currently producing noodles, vegetables, raisins, potatoes, pumpkins and eggs wholesale at Safe Vegetable Market in Phnom Penh and retail online.

Sora Khmer making dried fruits that are available in the community and liquor products includes Mango Liquor, Jackfruit Rum, citronella aroma, and Citronella Green tea.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink made by placing a mixture of good bacteria and yeast into sweetened black or green tea. The bacteria and yeast digest the sweetened tea and produce by ingredient including acetic acid (as well as other healthful acids) in the process.

CAM-Science: app-based innovative irrigation system. CAM-Smart Irrigation (CSI) is an irrigation system that utilizes​ IoT technology. It allows users to remotely monitor and manage their irrigation system through mobile devices watering and monitoring their crops anytime and anywhere.

Agricultural Digital Solution Agent (ADSA) E-commerce to establish a network of groups of similar or related businesses to work together, promote the production of rare safe agricultural products, partners in the same business buy and sell in one place, and encourage farmers or suppliers of safe agricultural products to have a profile and sell their agricultural products on the ADSA app.

Cricket House produces and sells cricket-enhanced, nutritionally balanced snacks for Cambodia’s primary school-aged youth market.

Alkagizer is a blend of the freshest organic vegetables, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, high in dietary fiber, and very low in calories and carbs, delivered daily to their customers’ doorstep.

Ruy Reach offers PREMIUM Black Soldier Fly Larvae from food waste recycling and, at the same time, produces sustainable protein sources for animal feed industry.

KiriFarm (Community-led Development) supports and trains local indigenous farmers (indigenous Kuoy community) on growing organic fruits using natural and regenerative techniques.

KFAST engineered an automated bean sprout growing machine to solve the problems of traditional bean sprout business owners. His device is easy to use, reduces production costs, and creates a broader market for bean sprout farmers.

KsSeed, is a company that produces and distributes 54 types of seed while providing technical training to their contracted farmers.

Domnork Tek works with indigenous groups in Rattanakiri province to increase the access to market of cashew nuts by manufacturing cashew nut milk.

Elephant Pump is a startup where they provide solar water pumps system and egg incubators to farmers.

តាយ៉ុម​ដីបណ្តុះកូនដំណាំ is company focusing on providing the seedling soil to farmers in the area as well as gardener in Phnom Penh, at the same time producing baby seedling in different crop based on orders.

SmartAgro promotes regenerative farming, an agricultural system that enhances soil fertility, reduces production costs and increases yields. They offer a large variety of staple and cover crop seeds and the latest organic inputs.

FlexFloc is an IoT-based water quality monitoring system that accurately measures fish tank water.

Oddar Meanchey Agricultural Community Development Union is an agricultural cooperative union that provides agricultural credit, market facilitation (buying and selling chemical fertilizers, animal feed, rice, pesticides, native chickens, cassava) and financial accounting training services for cooperation in the Union.

Rumduol Tan Kam Agricultural Cooperative is an agriculture cooperative that provides rice seed to companies and farmers while providing credit loans to farmers to maintain rice production.

Tasey Samaki Agricultural Cooperative is an agriculture cooperative in Battambang that supplies safe vegetables to Phnom Penh while providing agricultural input to build greenhouse and technical training.

Choam Ksan Meanchey Agricultural Cooperative is an agriculture cooperative in Preah Vihear that supplies organic rice, cassava, cashew nut to companies while providing agricultural input to farmers such as tractor services and organic fertilizer.


My Dream Home produces green, affordable, atheistic and easy to use bricks to low and middle income people in Kampong Speu province and semi-urban areas of Phnom Penh in order to contribute to access housing and better living conditions.

Eco Brick  is a local enterprise in Cambodia that aims to make eco bricks from plastic waste.

NTFP is a non-government organization that works with forest communities to promote the Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) concept for forest conservation and livelihood enhancement.

Movery is a moving service that aims to help reduce waste from moving, such as plastic, and no longer use materials to be recycled. Beyond that, Movery also provides Eco-Boxes to eliminate cardboard boxes or plastic bags

SEPAK is an online marketplace for producers to post their products, and for customers to buy the products more easily and efficiently.

SouKabas is a Cambodian enterprise that produces handmade silk and cotton products with an aim to create new ideas to preserve the heritage of the ancestors.

Rukkha Lab Works with community to increase income and convert local raw materials into daily use products. 

Preksvay Farm provides quality and safe farm chicken to the market through a partnership project with smallholder farmers, especially women in the community

Dai Dam Banh is a small business created by Cambodian women, focusing on handmade products made of rattan, bamboo rattan, etc. with members of the Ek Phnom District Elderly Association between 45 and 90 years old Which is also a poor and old woman.

NEARY is an online platform by an emerging movement of women that wants to address gender justice, bullying and combat negative social norms and stereotypes against women.

Hattha Neary The project that empowers women and supports local farmers in Cambodia by Collecting the season’s best harvest from the small-scale farms and carefully hand-process and pack it with eco-friendly and handmade packaging in Cambodia.

Samlod Rattanakphal Agricultural communities set up waste collection services to reduce plastic, keep streets clean, process waste into natural fertilizers that consider the health and safety of consumers, and employ members to minimize migration.

Dai Khmer is a social business that supports women in Cambodia by producing handmade natural products such as soaps, beauty products. Dai Khmer has also a refill station for homecare and skin care products and also commercialize a range of zero-waste accessories. 

FAIR WEAVE is a local brand offering consciously-made handwoven textiles for the home and body to feel good.

Madam Chnai is a social enterprise that preserves and promotes copper artisanship and aims to empower and support women, especially hard-working housewives. 

DINE is a social business that produces locally made products using locally made fabric that aims to reduce plastic use in Cambodia that can be used as event gifts.

Ambos produces handmade crochet, including flower bouquets and house decoration products, and aims to create more job opportunities and income for women in Battambang province. 


Peth Yoeung, Cambodia’s cloud based hospital operating system, is designed to help modernize public and private hospital operation of all types and sizes and its treatment services to patients.

Hospicare is a healthcare service that serves the elderly or people with disability who need nursing support at home or at the hospital.

CancerCo. is your go-to app for consulting with experts about cancer concerns anytime and anywhere. We provide online consulting services and healthcare information.

Ektes Clinic is a women’s health clinic that aims to support and increase the quality of the health care service provided to women, especially mothers.

Boran Care is a local enterprise that is producing handmade natural beauty products using locally sourced and traditional ingredients.

MeetDoctor is a mobile application that helps people with medical conditions to get fast and easy access to highly qualified doctors anywhere and at all times.

In the PINK is an independent digital campaign that seeks to raise awareness of conceivably life-threatening warning signs during and after pregnancy and improve communication between women and their companions. 

Much Mobile Healthcare is a professional home healthcare service provider in Cambodia.

Untangle a project that aims to raise mental wellbeing awareness,  and provides free access to mental consultation. 

Sursdey Yoga is a yoga class service that provides Cambodian-certified yoga teachers to schools, corporates, or NGOs who teach in both Khmer and English.

Amala Periods provides sustainable menstruation products and education to break taboos and promote health and eco-consciousness.

WoT-Natural Khmer Moringa  is a food supplement company with a vision to create a high-quality health-care product affordable to all levels of income people.


Codingate is an app and web development company based in Cambodia and working with both local and international clients.

Kokopon is a web platform helping people experience new products & services at the best prices. They aim to help local businesses grow, promote community, and deepen customer-business relationships.

Bro Express is a tech logistics startup that is made to connect sellers and their clients through technological systems.

KakVei is an AI technology that improves your Khmer writing by converting Khmer Romanized to Khmer Script automatically and correcting Khmer Script grammar and spelling mistakes.

Zippy Express is an tech-driven parcel delivery service that aims to solve and simplify the delivery experience for online business owners by enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the technology.

Rean & Play Studio helps children of Cambodia to learn while having fun and integrate the mindset of “Learning is Fun” into young minds in their early stages.


Agile Development Group has been active in the disability and mobility sector for several years. They are launching their wheelchair accessible and solar tuk-tuk, and most recently a powered attachable wheel for wheelchairs.

Cambodian Association of Hansen People with Disability is an association that represents the voice of people with disabilities in Cambodia. C.A.H.D aims to empower, push for disability inclusiveness, improve quality of life, promote accessibility and access to justice for people with disabilities throughout the strengthening and expand the relationship between the stakeholders.

SAORI Organisation is a rightsholder group led by women with disabilities based in Kompong Chhnang province. SAORI is focused on supporting the rights of people with disabilities to obtain decent employment, earn a living, and live a dignified life.

Cambodia Sign Language for All with a mission to provide equal access to information for people with hearing disabilities while promoting self-learning sign languages.

Organization Promote Kui Culture Kui Culture promoting organizations that focus on community building, education, culture, policy and economic development. 

Save Vulnerable Cambodians a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable development, social justice and empowerment, and improving the life of Cambodia.

HearUs Aim to raise awareness on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) rights, create a safe space and empower voices of Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LBTIQ) women though online campaigns and trainings.

SafeSpaceBtB is an initiative by the LGBTIQA+ to provide peer-to-peer support and to create safe space in Battambang province which is located in northwestern Cambodia.

“Obrom Akarkam Digital” by Phum Asia Youth Center,  nurture Kuy indigenous youths to adapt to digital societal modernization and the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Arts and Mental Health Project, their mission is to mentally support stigmatized single women prone to harassment by conducting an art festival.

Spean Jomnorn, by Cambodian Youth for Research, is a campaign that aims to eliminate age discrimination in Cambodia by providing a platform to connect the young population with the elderly meaningfully, hoping to achieve social harmony.

Kampuchea Sela Handicap is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth with intellectual disabilities to become independent and receive job opportunities through teaching foundation skills to the youth (aged 18 to 35) to receive skillsets and be able to participate in our society fully.

Kdei Karuna Organization is an initiative focused on survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime. It aims to strengthen survivors’ capacity and soft skills to become active community facilitators to address the challenges in their communities left over from the genocide.

WISH is an initiative under Proshop to raise awareness of mental well-being and increase access to mental health counseling services for 400 women (18 to 45 years old) living in 6 slum communities, Sangkat Khmuonh, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.

Breakthrough Film Festival is an initiative under the Breakthrough Movement – an open platform promoting gender equality through storytelling and sharing experiences, especially for women and young girls facing gender-based violence and overcoming negative gender norms.

Spoons Cambodia: a Social Enterprise enabling underprivileged Cambodian young adults to become self-supporting through education, training, and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Srolanh KON Chea KON which aims to promote awareness of gender diversity among parents of LGBTQ+ children.


Center for Sustainable Water: non-profit organization building the next generation of WASH and water leaders. 

Tap Effect: social enterprise established to bring clean water to households across Cambodia using piped water networks.

SUDrain: provides innovative wastewater treatment from eco-friendly biological filter extracted from recycling coconut waste.


Voltra: Electric motorbike with French design and standards included high-quality products with superior guarantees.

Luma System: Software company specialized in smart cities solutions, using geographic information systems (GIS) and machine learning technology to solve the most pressing cities’ problems, such as waste management, traffic congestion. is a platform that connect technician to those who are facing household problem mainly focus on plumbing, electrical, and electronic device.

Water Fuel This company equips tractors or engines with hydrogen technology to save costs and reduce environmental impact. Their innovation reduces fuel costs by up to 25% and cuts toxic emissions by 70%, benefiting farmers and machinery owners.


Unseentra a booking application providing an alternative choice to independent travellers to quickly book any experience/activities anywhere across Cambodia and more.

Yi Family Homestay provides agro Tourism experience where both local communities and tourists can learn permaculture practices and sustainable lifestyle during their visit at Yi family eco-lodges.

WEfarm Cambodia is a network of young farmers in Cambodia that is working to implement three different small activities to empower and support the local young farmers and small-scale farming.

Runaway is a young travel group in Cambodia that explores tourists locally and overseas, with a mission to promote tourist places and company brands to people.    

Solo Landscapes: an adventure tour operator for responsible explorers and nature lovers who share the same desire to get out of their own comfort zone and to reconnect with themselves and locals.

Uot App (អួត អែប):is the digital community for trip lovers where they can share their best tips and experiences, and highlight the hidden gems of Cambodia’s rich heritage and natural resources.

CRDT-Tours: specializes in offering unique travel experiences in the provinces of Kratie, Stung Treng, Rathanikiri, and Mondulkiri. CRDT Tours aims to promote educational, responsible travel whilst supporting local well-being and through rural development initiatives.

Sdach Prey: is an adventure tour operator that focuses on eco-tourist destinations and the exploration of jungle life.

YEA Catalyst is a consultant agency providing services in designing and implementing awareness raising campaign, producing communication material, organizing educational event and field trip, and supporting community livelihood development program.


Prumsodun Ok & NATYARASA (Nataraj & Co) is Cambodia’s first gay dance company. They re-stage Khmer classical dances with a vital freshness and create original, groundbreaking works that thrive at the intersection of art and human dignity.

La Chhouk are a recycled and creative fashion brand, designing and producing recycled dresses, showcasing the ability of LGBTQ people and preserving Cambodian traditional art.

Phare Ponleu Selpak: is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a nurturing and creative environment where young people can access quality arts training, education, and social support, and to restore the destroyed culture and identity of Cambodia.


Vibe Soul is a professional video-making and photography company specializing in destination promotion, weddings, and adventure content.

ZEROW is a community to make it easy for the generation to be informed, be inspired, and become zero-wasters. ZEROW is a green platform raising environmental awareness in Cambodia. We share attainable actions to live a more sustainable lifestyle easier.

ចង់ដឹង ចង់ឮ – Curiosity is a mental health podcast that provides the stories and testimonies of young people from Cambodia regarding the societal difficulties that women, people of color, and LGBT people generally endure. The subjects cover anything from humorous stories to emotional effect.

LuyBook is an online platform that focuses on enriching Cambodian people’s lives through the power of financial knowledge. LuyBook aims to help young adults learn how to manage their personal finance and invest for future value.

SEAFoKus want to raise awareness of climate adaptation and resilience in Cambodia and the region. And we hope this is just the start of the discussion on the topic.

BOUJEE created by Marie Lamy and Kan Sereysopheak form a duo of writers and illustrators. Inspired by the young generation of Cambodians, they have a particular interest in exploring social and cultural issues through creating comic illustrations.

VEVID’S DAY OFF is a content creator sharing his life journey hoping to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams relentlessly. In addition to his weekly vlogs, he also hosts a “Day Off Podcast” series, where he explores various topics with inspirational guests, aiming to help audiences elevate their mindset and boost their confidence in crafting a life they desire.

LINNA is a Cambodian content creator based in Phnom Penh. With the passion to help the youth, especially in their educational journey, Linna decided to create motivational studying videos and self-help videos on various topics that are short yet meaningful.

Dosslarb is a multimedia platform aiming to promote the well-being of young Cambodians by first taking a step in discussing sexual and reproductive health. This project hopes to encourage young people to understand sex education.

PISETHWHATEVER – is a visual storyteller, comics content creator, putting the spotlight on social issues, emotional or environmental topics.

Dassatek creates content related to regenerative farming, sustainable living and agripreneurship. They want to engage Cambodian youth to see that agriculture has a vital role in supporting the environment and the Earth itself by maintaining the cycle of soil, water, and air, promoting biodiversity, and tackling climate changes. Dassatek aims to awaken youth and everyone involved to see deeper values in Agriculture and to live in harmony with nature.