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What happens when you bring together education, technology, and entrepreneurship, nationwide? You have the power to inspire and grow the next generation of leaders.

SmartStart Unipreneur Learning Platform is an educational initiative between Smart Axiata and Impact Hub Phnom Penh. It is the first local online learning and interactive platform that introduces entrepreneurship through a blended learning approach to Cambodian students in Khmer and English. 

Designed and built-in Cambodia, the goal of the learning platform and course is to develop both technical capabilities in entrepreneurship and business and the entrepreneurial mindsets of the students through the practical implementation of these concepts.

This course is relevant and valuable for all students – even if they don’t want to start their own businesses – since having an entrepreneurial mindset is vital employability and life skill. 

This initiative is currently in its pilot phase, and our vision is to eventually roll out the technology and teaching methodology to many more universities across Cambodia, from Engineering Majors to Business and Law- we believe that everyone has the potential to be, or think like, an entrepreneur.

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