Shunsuke Miyatake

Media4Impact Agency Lead

Abit about me:

Hello, this is Shunsuke Miyatake; everyone calls me Take! I’m the Head of the Media4Impact Agency Department. I am actively looking for projects involving our Incubator / Accelerator participants to bring them meaningful projects paid fairly so that they can ultimately make a proper living from their media activities. And we’re always looking for collaboration with content creators/media startups/artists to tackle social/environmental issues in Cambodia. Let’s work together and make a good impact on our society and environment!

I’ve been working for the Japanese Communication Agency for 17 years as an account executive, and media planner delivering full-marketing services from research, strategy, and creativity through to on / offline media planning, and branding for various pioneering brands in Japan to amplify their values, and the Director of the Representative Office in Cambodia for the past 6 years. Besides my work in the Communication Agency, I am passionate about Photography and Storytelling capturing Everyday People. 


How can I help you?

  • If you have any creative ideas or media projects in mind, please hit me via Email or Linkedin. Let’s make a good social impact through creative / media collectively!

Contact me

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Miyatake Shunsuke

“What is essential is invisible to the eyes” – Saint-Exupéry