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Every month we are featuring a youth initiative bringing innovative solutions to a special problem that Cambodia is facing.
Young Eco Ambassadors is a group of young people who have created several successful environmental projects to improve Cambodia's environmental future.
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One of the projects they have recently initiated is the 10 Days Mission. To understand more about the 10 Days Mission as well as what it means to Cambodian youths, we have caught up with one of the project initiators, Miss Oum Raksmeythida, who excitedly sat with us for the interview.

Can you tell us what 10 Days Mission is and why it was initiated?

10 days Mission is a project hoping to improve access to clean and safe drinking water in Cambodia using the Bio-sand Water Filter( BSF) technology. We also hope our 10 days Mission will act as a bridge to bring people in the city and rural area throughout Cambodia together by sharing and showing humanity. Most of the time city people take clean water for granted since they have full access to it. Hence, we hope to encourage city people to share their resources with others, so that everybody can have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Why do you call your project "10 Days Mission"?

Not to be boring. Of course to catch attention… Thida says laughing
For our volunteers, they may get confused that they have to take part in our project for 10 days. But for the public they understand very well why we name it 10 Days Mission because when they come to us they will receive a saving box and have a mission to save as much money as possible within 10 days. That means after finish their 10 Days Mission, they will come back and return the boxes for donation. If they want to continue to support the project, they can always start another 10 day mission. The saving box is also not just about donations- but to show how each of their contributions can have a huge positive impact on others. Every saving they put into the box is equivalent to a drop of clean water they provide to those kids in the long term.

After the fundraising, what will 10 Days Mission do to sustainably provide clean water?

We actually have a cooperation with Clear Cambodia to provide us with Bio-sand Water Filter (BSF) installations, which will provide access to clean water. Besides the technology installation, we also need financial support from the public in order to make sure we can provide sustainable clean and safe drinking water to rural communities.

When and where will 10 days mission project be launched?

Our project will be launched in November at Veal Mean Chey primary school in Kampong Speu. With all the support we've had, we will be able to provide clean water in that area very soon!

To what extent does 10 Days Mission provide clean water access in Cambodia?

Our first step is to provide clean water access to one school in a province. However, we hope with the further support of the Cambodian people, we can continually provide clean water access to at least one school per province. In this respect the 10 Days Mission is a long-term project.

What do you think 10 Days Mission means to young Cambodian people?

10 Days Mission wants to play a big part in raising awareness of how essential water is, as we sometimes take it for granted. We also want to ensure that everyone can access clean water no matter where they live or who they are. Particularly, we want to change the behavior of young city people so they use water wisely and think of those out there that do not even have access to clean water. In every stage of life people have to learn how to share, especially to share your completeness to one another, and that is what this project is meant to be.

Thida, is there a last message that you would like to add?

To make great changes we cannot work alone, so with the support from all of you "Changemakers", we can go on this journey together to improve our communities and our nation. JOIN US! You know you are always needed.
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