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Tani Chi Kho Leu Natural Honey Collection Community

This honeybee community is located in Tani Village, Chi Kho Leu Sre Ambil, Koh Kong. The community has around 70 members or families who are making a living from the forest honey. Each year, they can collect around 1.3 tons of honey and supply it to the local market in their network.

They’ve been trained and supported by NGOs on how to harvest the honey without giving the negative impact on nature, and how to process the harvested honey to the product that is ready for the local market.

The rainy season is the time when they can harvest a lot of forest/natural honey. However, the honey that is harvested is so moist that they need technical machines/support to get rid of the moisture from the honey for the better quality. 

Communities’ struggle:

Their business & promotion experience and ability in processing the natural honey are limited. They were introduced to the method and machinery that extract the moisture from the honey. However, their community cannot afford that processing method.  

Challenge Statements

1.  How to build the brand identity for “Tani Chi Kho Leu Natural Honey Collection Community”?
2. How to optimize the production of honey of​ “Tani Chi Kho Leu Natural Honey Collection Community”?


Challenger’s expectation: 

  • How to extract the moisture of the honey?
  • How to find/buy that equipment? (Fundraising, people who can help, or alternative cheaper method to build similar equipment)
  • Packaging + storage
  • Logo and Name
  • How to find people to help them?

There is very limited information about Tani Chi Kho Leu Natural Honey Collection Community available online, but here are some inspiration and technologies we’ve found on the internet that may help you familiar with the challenge statement: 

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