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“Mondulkiri Wild Honey”

Mondulkiri Wild Honey is a brand of wild honey harvested by 3 wild bee collection communities from 3 conservation forests in Mondulkiri provinces. Wild honey is a NTFP (Non-timber Forest Product) which is harvested from the giant honey bees (Apis Dorsata), living in natural forests in coastal and upland areas of Cambodia, especially from conservation and community forests. The harvesting processes follow specific standards to ensure the sustainability of giant honey bees in their natural habitats.


The Mondulkiri Wild Honey began in 2007 when the respective Krang Raton and Prey Rodang came together to find means for improving their living standard. Understanding their need to participate in natural resource management being key to successfully protecting both nature  and their future. 


To ensure that forest honey collection is a sustainable community livelihood. WWF, the Government and NGO partners have been helping by teaching proper harvesting methods, standardized practices in honey processing and product packaging with attractive labelling. By processing wild honey, it motivates the communities to be self-sufficient. This then promotes an intimate relationship between people, forests and non-timber forest products.

Communities’ struggle:

These communities produce around 10-20 tons of wild honey each year, yet they are struggling to sell the honey to the market, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the very limited knowledge of business and digital skill, plus lack of human resources in sales and marketing, the communities find it difficult to sustain in the long run. “With the little income from the wild honey, people in the community now start to have less motivation, and some are going back to forest logging or hunting for their living”-representative of the Mondulkiri Wild Honey. 

Challenge Statement

How to increase the sales of Mondulkiri Wild Honey to support the community?


Challenger’s expectation: 

  • How to have more connections to sell the wild honey?
  • How to find effective sales strategies online and offline?
  • How to increase sales with limited human resources and digital knowledge?
  • How to find the right people to help to improve the sale & business skills?

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Date of the event: 03 February 2021
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