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Are you tired of attending workshops that leave you uninspired?

Do lengthy incubation programs seem to waste your time without addressing your specific business challenges?

Welcome to Impact Hub Phnom Penh Service Providing, where we understand your pain points and deliver targeted solutions to elevate your business.

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About Impact Hub Phnom Penh

Impact Hub Phnom Penh has been running incubation programs since 2016, from the Ideation stage to the accelerator stage across sectors like agriculture, education, technology, health care, tourism, environment, and media. We want to expand our support to startups and business owners who need our expertise.

Our service

Business Diagnostic

Business DiagnosticIs your business not performing

as you’d like it to be?

With our 2-hour business diagnostic audit conducted by our expert team, we will help you identify and pinpoint your business’s strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Then, we will give you a roadmap to success and key actions you can take.





Hands-On Support

Sometimes, you need someone who knows how to do it, to come and do it for you, right? More than advice or consultation, but a hands-on and real-time skilled and supportive team player.

Adopt our expert! Our Adoption service is your partner in overcoming challenges on the spot;

  • We are right here or there where you need us to be (in person or online) 
  • We provide guidance and solutions to drive immediate results.
  • We do it with you or for you to count on us as your ally in business transformation and growth.

Customized Training

Customized Training

Do you want to elevate your team’s skills/competency or create a stronger bond with each other?

We are here for you to design and deliver workshops or training sessions tailored to your needs that;

  • Range from a 2-hour session to an immersive 3-day training
  • Use human-centered design principles to create engaging and impactful experiences  
  • Are experiential, interactive, and meaningful for purposeful progress

So, let’s learn your way and say goodbye to generic workshops.

Why choose us
  • Tailored solutions: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Our services are tailored to your business’s unique challenges, ensuring you receive the attention and solutions you truly need.


  • Experienced consultants: Our team of experienced business consultants brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table. We’ve helped countless businesses overcome hurdles and achieve remarkable growth.


  • Proven results: Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve guided businesses of all sizes to success by addressing their pain points and fostering tangible improvements.

“Adoption Service is really good as they have helped me a lot, and I have received plenty of positive changes from the support of the Impact Hub Phnom Penh team. Due to my tight schedule, I usually don’t have time to thoroughly review my business plan. So thanks to the Adoption Service team, who were sent to dedicate their time in helping me revise my current business plan, and future one, now my business has clearer directions and guidelines.”

– Eve Saosarin, PrekSvay



Having the Adoption Service team support my business brought light and new perspectives to my current ongoing solutions. They even helped me audit my finances and budget plan since I have little knowledge and skill in that. Now that I have a better financial project plan, I know the next step of my business, which I should focus on, plan, and manage. I’m thrilled that the team came to support me at my place to see how my business works. I really hope they can come again for a longer time.”

– Lam Samphors, Samlod Ratanakphal

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The benefits of a business diagnostic audit include clearly understanding your business’s current performance, pinpointing areas for improvement, and receiving a customized plan for success.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s service specializes in delivering tailored solutions to businesses. We understand specific business challenges and offer targeted solutions to help businesses achieve their full potential. Our focused areas of expertise include sales, marketing, team management, etc

Customized training sessions offered by Impact Hub Phnom Penh differ from generic workshops in that they are tailored to your business’s specific needs and challenges with an interactive, inclusive, hands-on learning approach.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh offers customized training sessions that range from quick 2-hour power sessions to immersive 3-day training. These sessions are designed to address your unique requirements, including digital marketing, sales, team management, leadership in action, strategic and well-being retreats, etc.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh designs training sessions around your needs using human-centered design principles to create engaging and impactful learning experiences.

This service offers hands-on, real-time support to help you overcome business challenges immediately. It is especially beneficial when businesses require immediate assistance in overcoming challenges and implementing solutions.

The services of Impact Hub Phnom Penh is there when you need us, providing guidance and solutions to drive immediate results in your business transformation and growth efforts.

To request package details or more information about the services, you may fill out a contact form or contact us via [email protected] or [email protected].

No, there is no fee for the initial consultation with Impact Hub Phnom Penh Service. We offer this consultation as a complimentary service to help businesses explore our services and discuss how we can assist in addressing specific challenges and goals. It’s an opportunity for you to get valuable insights and information without any upfront costs.

The pricing for each service is based on that specific service’s actual needs and requirements. Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s service tailors the pricing to ensure it aligns with the unique demands of your business and the scope of work.

Yes! We support all the startups in Cambodia.

Startups with at least an MVP or first prototype with a mission to create impact for people, the environment, and economic development.