What is NOW-Us! Award Cambodia?

“Nothing about us Without Us”, 
or NOW-Us! Voice in Cambodia wishes to recognize ongoing inspiring inclusive initiatives from Cambodia that promote diversity and inclusion, and trigger the self-empowerment of rightsholder groups and communities through our Bootcamp and pitching night strength each initiative with program management, financial management, design thinking, and advocacy skills.

We live in a rapidly changing world, where everything is constantly evolving for the greater good and we are all slowly adapting to it, to society and all of us are just trying to fit into society. However, society can sometimes be biased where there are still people who are facing unspeakable hate, discrimination, and being confronted by barriers that prevent them from fully participating in political, economic, and social activities.


This is the reason why we have conducted Now-Us! Cambodia Award. We wish to recognize inspiring inclusive initiatives from Cambodia that promote diversity, inclusion, and empowerment Voice’s rightsholder groups also communities through the Nothing about us Without Us! (NOW-Us!) Awards.

What We Offered

The program consists of 2 main components of a 6days Bootcamp and a pitching night with an award ceremony. Within the 6days Bootcamp, participants will undergo intensive training with excuses and worksheets to identify the cause root issue related to their rightsholder group through our design thinking session, then create and plan their innovative project to solve the problem with support from our lead trainer and expert mentors to strengthen their project management skills, financial management skills, and M&E skills.

Who are the 5 rightsholder groups?

What NOW-Us! Award Cambodia has done

Meet Our Ambassadors

NOW-Us! Follow the principle of nothing about us without us, therefore, in order for us to organize this program ethically and be fruitful, we were lucky enough to have 5 Ambassadors. Where each of them is an expert in their own rights-holders groups. Their knowledge about their own rights holders has been crucial for the development of the NOW-Us! program as their support has ensured the right inclusions and rightful conduct.

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Meet The People Behind this Program

“Beyond the construct of social terms we are just human, let’s celebrate being human” -Pichmony Thay

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