The Hub Entrepreneurs Club is open to all Impact Hub program alumni who have MVP or first prototype and selected outstanding social entrepreneurs and startups. The membership to the club is free.

About Hub Entrepreneur Club


Hub Entrepreneur Club is an exclusive community primarily designed for Impact Hub Phnom Penh program alumni. However, we warmly welcome passionate individuals who share our values and are eager to connect, learn, and grow alongside us. This community is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs at every stage of their development. 

What does the HEC offer?

Community Events Invitation: Networking events, free/paid mentorship sessions, free/paid educational workshops.

Increase Brand Visibility: Through our media and press release connections, we help you increase your visibility and attract attention from potential investors, customers, and collaborators.

Opportunities Recommendation: Recommended for a range of exciting opportunities, including grants, funding options, competitions, and more.

Supportive network: A Supportive network of entrepreneurs and impact makers

Who is it for?

The Hub Entrepreneur Club is open to entrepreneurs who:


  • Have a startup with at least an MVP or first prototype
  • Are social entrepreneurs or startups with a mission to create impact for people, the environment, and economic development
  • Are committed to learning and growing
  • Are willing to contribute to the HEC community

“I really admire the community team who organize Chet Gathering. Even the name alone makes me feel warm already. And every gathering is very special that we can connect with our friends, share business knowledge, life experience, and more things relate d to how to run a startup.”

Putheary – Founder of Madam Chnai

“Impact Hub is a place that sprouts my ideas from impossible to possible, a place that recognizes my crazy ideas and is willing to listen to whatever I bring up without any judgment. They guide me, connect me to useful resources and networks, and kill my fear in public speaking. People at Impact Hub are like my second family who always put a lot of trust and confidence in me before I do for myself. You are the energy that boosts me when I want to give up. Thank you to the founders of Impact Hub who created such a kind, amazing place and thank to Impact Hub people, we are so fortunate to have you”

Tim Den – Founder of D’Fresh Grocery

If this sounds like you, click on the “Apply Now” button below.

Meet Our Startup Members

What type of business/startup is eligible to apply?

Do I have to participate in all activities of the HEC as a member?

Do I have to apply as a team or individual?

How long will the membership last?

How long will the membership last?

Do I have to locate in Phnom Penh to be apart of HEC?

Do I have to participate in all activities of the HEC as a member?

If you have any questions or need some support, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Songhour Thav (Community Engagement Manager)

[email protected]

Telegram: +85578439993