DakDam Labs

DakDam Labs (Growing Ideas in Agriculture) is a unique 3-month program for aspiring inventor-entrepreneurs passionate about having an impact in the agriculture sector in Cambodia.

What We Offered

DakDam Labs will provide support in prototyping, mentoring, a field trip to learn about challenges and opportunities in Cambodia’s agriculture sector, space to work, masterclasses, demo day, and access to the global network of Impact Hub Phnom Penh.




Teams of DakDam Labs


Information Technology for Agriculture Lab (ITALab) has been designed to improve agricultural production through high technologies, primarily using sensors to control water irrigation systems for farmers.

Black Soldier Fly

The team is building a home for Black Soldier Fly to turn food waste into animal feed.


Wormhouse team are building a wormhouse that is easier and cheaper for farmers to use and repair, as well as efficient in waste management.


This group is working on a pineapple cutting machine that enables farmers to do pineapple processing, creating a higher value product that can be kept for longer.


 Want to build a water pump that does not require electricity, for smallholder farmers.

Smart Nethouse

Smart net house is a new technique that will allow farmers to grow healthy vegetables using less chemicals, water and labor.

DakDam Labs Demo Day

In DakDam Demo Day, the 5 teams pitched their business ideas to our panel judges and audiences to receive feedback and advises as well as to share their personal experiences and lessons learned during the prototyping.


  • Naluch Lim, Agronomist, AMK 
  • Michael Blaser, Regional Advisor Asia, HEKS
  • Nadia Campos, Innovation Lab Director, iDE
  • Guillaume Virag, Co-Founder, Project ALBA 
  • Cesar Jung Harada, Founder & Director, MakerBay Hong Kong (Online)


  • Sokhema Nara, Impact Hub 
  • Kolmesa (Tommy) , PiSor Workshop, on “Why you should make something”

Attendees: 67

“It’s coming from my own hands, I’m so proud of it, I didn’t realize I’d be able to make the prototype myself. The program gave me the courage to fail, do more research, learn and improve. Now I understand the importance of prototyping.” -Raksmey, Water Pump Team