Welcome to Climate Action Week 2022

Our objectives

Climate Action Week 2022 aims to:

Climate Action happens from 1st to 17th of September 2022. There are different activities on each day and new challenges related to Climate Action and Climate issues to learn, discuss and share



Join the movement!

What’s it? 15 gamified actions: Daily actions of youth that help with different aspects of climate change and inspire others.

We are calling for youth applicants who wants to take climate actions

Be Our Climate Action Taker

What’s it? 2-hour interactive workshop on climate action level 4, Life below water and Nature & Biodiversity with meaningful discussion on inspiring movies.

Coming soon

What’s it? Physical event to learn from action takers, pledge your personal actions and have fun with Green Race!

Coming soon

How to apply to be Climate Action Taker?

Join as the Action Taker for the whole 2 week-long challenges and activities.
As an Action Taker, you are in the front row of our movement for these 2 weeks! You will be part of the Climate Action Challenge, Climate Workshop + Movies, and Climate Action Day.

Target Participants

We are looking for Youth who

🌿age from 15-30 

💚is a climate action enthusiast 

🌱is keen to learn more about climate change

Apply Before the 30th August  – 11:59pm

If you have any questions or need some support don’t hesitate to contact us:

[email protected]

Telegram: +85510643004

Meet the Team

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