“Be the change you want to see”

Changemakers Social Incubator is a leadership development program for youth living in Battambang and Phnom Penh city to join together in creating effective and innovative community-based solutions to the social challenges raised by young women entrepreneurs. The program aims to foster civic engagement, raise collective interest and action from youth and young women entrepreneurs, and the involvement of local authorities.


  • Identify the challenges of entrepreneurs & communities in Battambang Province
  • Strong collaboration between youth & young women entrepreneurs
  • Co-create effective & innovative solutions to solve local problems and Impact Battambang’s community in positive ways
  • Active engagement with local authorities & Recommendations to the local authorities for better community development


We worked with 3 women entrepreneurs from Battambang to design 3 topic challenges they’ve been facing as an entrepreneur in their community/sector.

Then we bring together youth from Phnom Penh and Battambang province to hack each challenge. 3 among 12 solutions were awarded $1,200 (each) to turn their idea into real community projects.

To get started on their projects, each awarded team went on an immersion field trip to deeper connect and understand the need of the people in the communities that their project trying to create a positive impact.

Along with this journey, the teams also received mentoring support and peer-to-peer meeting activities offered by the program as well.

2.5 months after, each team successfully implemented their projects with great success

But that is not it! Our Changemakers teams got to present their project outcome and recommendation to the local authorities in Battambang with the purpose to foster collaboration between youth, entrepreneurs and local authorities in the community to work together in the future.


How can we help local (food) producers to understand the legal requirements/processes to get their products to the final customers (especially supermarkets)?

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What can young entrepreneurs do to prove themselves and mobilize support from their family and business partners for their entrepreneurial journey?

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How can we help local handicraft communities to level up their market competitiveness?

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The 3-day hackathon was one of the main kick-start activities in Changemakers Social Incubator to bring together the youths from Battambang and Phnom Penh to hack the solutions for the 3 challenges raised by young women entrepreneurs. With a total number of 42 youths from Phnom Penh and Battambang (Photo Activity/Hackathon 3-day Timeline)

Program recap videos

The Three Awarded Projects

Created a community club for young entrepreneurs in Battambang to get support and connect with like-minded people. The project provides a safe space and emotional support for the members to share their hardships and struggles.

Created a perspective-shifting and amplifying campaign to promote Cambodian handicrafts and connect local producers to share experiences. The team run a successful online campaign and an in-person handicraft workshop and exhibition.

Created a project that provided information (through a mini-booklet in the Khmer language and a full-day workshop) for local food producers in Battambang so that they can understand very clearly and simply all the requirements to sell their products in a supermarket.

Changemakers’ Impact Journey

Here is the full report of the whole program journey and the lessons we have learnt throughout the program.


Dok Dalin – Facilitation lead of V-Ship

Youth From Battambang province

The program gave me a chance to speak and share my opinion and idea with other people; it was a safe space for me. I’ve improved my public speaking skills and confidence. It was my first time receiving constructive feedback as most people before would never really give me comments. The mentors’ feedback showed me the reality of how to be a better person. 

Seav Kouy Y – Project Manager of ROng Dambanh

Youth from Phnom Penh

Changemakers Social Incubator was a dream come true program for me because I never join any program like this before, and I’m fortunate to be one of the winners of the action fund and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity. It was an eye-opening experience and should be encouraged more. Throughout the program, I’ve answered many questions regarding the campaign and my role in the program.

Pichmony Thay- Dedicated Mentor of the 3 team & Youth

DEI Manager, Impact Phnom Penh

To be able to see each member of the team grow is also very eye-opening for me. I did a total of 42 hours of team mentoring over the course of 3 months. I witnessed a young high school girl turning into a young professional ready to join the professional world. It was such a heartwarming experience.

Chhat Sokhoeurb – founder of Anussa Dambanh
Young Woman Entrepreneur, Topic Challenger

It is so amazing for young people to exchange new experiences and knowledge from YWE related to entrepreneurship. I can see the youth went through the program with creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking. It is such a good program for them to practice soft and hard skills.

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