Prahhna Gnor (Pat)

Communications Manager

Abit about me:

Hi, My name is Gnor Prahhna, but you can call me Pat. 

How do I see myself? 

I think I am a friendly guy; I am easy to talk to, and I am an empath. I hope you don’t pressure yourself to reach out to me.

What are my experiences? 

I have been working in marketing, communication, film directing, scriptwriting, branding, and advertising for almost 7years. I am currently still doing as a Multimedia Consultant, Project Manager, and lecturer in graphic design, branding, and advertising. 

How can I help you?

I join Impact Hub Phnom Penh family as a Communications Manager. 

  • I can help you connect to any Impact Hub Phnom Penh members.
  • I can introduce you to the Impact Hub Phnom Penh story.
  • I can meet you to discuss collaboration opportunities. 
  • I can share with you my professional point of view. 
  • I can share my skills with you.

Contact me

Email: [email protected]
Linkedin: @prahhnagnor
Messenger: @prahhnagnor