What is PodcasTraining: Make an audible difference?

The PodcasTraining: Make an audible difference?

DW Akademie’s PodcasTraining project supports media organizations and media creators to strengthen their skills and knowledge in podcasting and support these to develop, produce and distribute crisis podcasts. Participants will get practical training in podcast development and produce a short podcast series. 


A crisis can take many forms (health, public safety, social impact, etc.) and affect a group, a community, an entire society or many nations. One distinctive feature of a crisis is the increased need for in-depth information for people to make sound decisions for themselves, their families, and wider society so they can safely navigate challenging times. This program defines a crisis broadly–that is, as issues or situations that challenge Cambodians today. That can include mental health issues, economic development, the environment, urban development, gender-related issues, LGBT+ issues and many other thematic areas.

  • Expand their skills and capacity to innovate and become a pioneer in the emerging podcasting landscape in Cambodia.
  • Opportunity to produce and distribute a short podcast series on a topic chosen by you.
  • Receive a production stipend of $900 ($90 per day) to produce a minimum of 5 episodes.
  • An intensive six-day workshop (four hours in the evenings) with international and Cambodian trainers on podcast development, including topic selection, planning, formats, production and distribution.
  • A three-week production period, with coaching from international and Cambodian podcasting experts.
  • Receive an evaluation of their podcasting project (challenges, best practices and ways of moving forward)

Check out the 5 teams’ podcasts below:


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