Pisethneat Pich

Head of Impact Incubation

Abit About Me:

Hello! I’m Pisethneat, but you can call me Nick. 

I am a mental fitness enthusiast, an experiential learner, and a transformation advocate.

I enjoy experiential learning and creating transformational journeys for people so most of my career paths in the past 12 years have been around crafting and facilitating empowering missions for youths/professionals and connecting them to meaningful networks.

My favourite journeys included becoming physically fit through 22 KGs weight loss, learning & improving 12 areas of life, coordinating youths from 20 nations to empower children’s education across communities in Cambodia and Vietnam, supporting over 15 companies in their transformational projects that impacted over 2,400 employees’ career development, supporting over 100 professionals in their career development through mentoring/coaching, and hosting initiatives that exposed 800 Cambodian tech talents to different tech companies’ practices and innovations in Phnom Penh.

Fun fact about Impact Hub and me: I have been a fan of their events and programs since 2016. That is why in 2021, we took our relationship to another level where I joined Impact Hub Phnom Penh to empower our Cambodian entrepreneurial talents.

At Impact Hub Phnom Penh, I have supported over 120 impact makers, entrepreneurs and social project leaders of over 50 businesses/initiatives in Agriculture, Technology, and Inclusion through incubation and acceleration programs.


  • Mental fitness through empowerment in many areas of life: intellectual, well-being, recreation/quality of life, character & emotion, connection, love life, mission/adventure, finance, and family.
  • Building healthy & high-performing teams as I believe that impact cannot happen in isolation.
  • Nurturing people through transformational journeys and supporting proactive talents through innovative learning programs.
  • Empowering and connecting Cambodian social entrepreneurs and startup talents to resources and connections.


  • If you’re looking for empowering your target beneficiary/customer/community/employees through an innovative experiential learning curriculum, my team could design it for you.
  • If you’re a social entrepreneur looking to develop your product/service and business model further, you could reach out to me to learn about our upcoming Incubation and Acceleration programs that I could support you.
  • If you need connections with our awesome entrepreneurs/impact makers in Agriculture, Technology, or Inclusion, you could reach out to me for referrals.
  • If you want to explore any areas of your life, you could reach out to me for 1-to-1 coaching sessions (undergoing ICF ACC certification).
  • If you want to set up a healthy and high-performing team, I could co-design/facilitate the journey for you or your team.

Contact me

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Pisethneat Pich 

“A bowl is most useful when it is empty.” – Lao Tzu.