Pisethneat Pich

Incubation Lead

Abit About Me:

Hello! I’m Pisethneat but you can call me Nick. 

I always love the idea of learning through experience and peer-to-peer so at young ages, I found joy learning from practical volunteer roles and getting access to youth networks across universities.

I believe that these practical experiences and networks helped shape my destiny so later I got to work & live in Vietnam for 1 year. And then in the following years, I got lucky and got to work in two dream jobs in management consulting at a local consulting firm and later in talent management/tech community building of a regional tech venture studio before joining Impact Hub.

Fun fact about Impact Hub and me: I have been a fan of the events and programs since 2016. That is why now I’m taking our relationship to another level to empower our Cambodian entrepreneurial talents.

My main interests are in the future of Cambodia’s entrepreneurial landscape and our youth career readiness. I enjoy connecting with purposeful circles, building healthy & performing teams, and developing an engaging work environment. Personally, I care mostly about 10+ different areas of life balance, especially on the well-being lifestyle.

In the future, I aspire to empower Cambodian young talents via innovative talent empowerment solutions.


  • If you get selected to one of our incubation programs, I will be one of your lead mentors and will guide you through the process of getting started, growing, or scale.
  • I can support you in the process of customer discovery, competitor analysis, defining value propositions, defining key business milestones & activities, and MVP prototyping.
  • I can help you in building a founding team element checklist and in running/developing team brainstorming sessions, team forming/norming routines, team performance & health check-in activities, and employee engagement. 
  • I can connect you to the people and resources in the community through Impact Hub networks and my personal connections in different communities.
  • If you need emotional support or career/entrepreneur life reflective conversation, you can also count on me.

Contact me

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Pisethneat Pich 

“A bowl is most useful when it is empty.” – Lao Tzu.