PichMony THAY

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert Consultant

Abit About Me

Sur Sdey (Hello), Mony’s here. I am a mental health and social entrepreneurship enthusiast who likes to play games and likes the color pink.

I started my career working for a Human Rights focused NGO, moved up to teach Math and Science in a private international school, and jumped to working as a Human resource development executive for a private company while working on side projects with private donors and YSEALI on mental health and LGBT issue in Cambodia. Now falling in love with the entrepreneurship ecosystem and all things social enterprises. Currently amazed by youth and their start-ups’ passion. Therefore, I am here to support you through start-up ways.


  • I am all for breaking social norms, advocating for mental health, and most importantly working toward being the best version of me that I could ever be. 


  • Want to get involved with us but not sure how? Drop me a message!
  • Interested in Inclusion and DEI? Drop me a message!

Contact me

Email: [email protected]
Linkedin: @pichmonythay
Tel/Telegram: +855 10 42 27 26

“The string that produces a tuneful sound is not too tight and not too loose.”
– Buddha