We’re looking for Founders for Phum Impact : Impact Hub’s communities in Siem Reap and Battambang!

Is This You?

Are you living in Siem Reap or Battambang? Are you Impact Hub’s biggest fans? Ever dreamt of starting your very own community, full of events, programs and mentors just like Impact Hub…?

We’re excited to announce that we’re looking for Founders of an exciting breakthrough initiative: Phum Impact! Phum Impact is Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s answer to scaling our impact: we wanted to find a way of bringing our activities to other cities that decentralises the management and leadership and empowers locally rooted strategy and impact. And, if successful, use this methodology to bring Impact Hub to many other provinces in the future!


So, this is your chance to grow communities of changemakers, entrepreneurs and innovators dedicated to bringing positive social and environmental impact in Siem Reap and Battambang


If you are passionate about bringing the Impact Hub to your city and feel confident that you can build and engage a thriving community of “impact makers”, we are excited to help you make it happen.

Phum Impact Communities will:

  • Grow a local community of youth, leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Inspire, connect and enable your community by running events and programs such as Impact Hub’s Changemaker Program, and others built and designed by you and the needs of your members
  • Build your own local mentor pool to coach youth and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Roll out programs and events in collaboration with Impact Hub Phnom Penh to grow your impact
  • Eventually, become fully sustainable and autonomous communities 

Our support to Phum Impact founders:

  • One year of seed funding to kickstart your community
  • Intensive training by Impact Hub Phnom Penh on how to start and grow a successful startup ecosystem support organisation/community 
  • Rights to (and training on) running Impact Hub Phnom Penh programs in your community, including our Changemaker Program
  • Exclusive tools, resources for both internal and external startup and community building (from finances to communications!)
  • Access to Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s huge local and international network to build your presence
  • Fundraising partnership opportunities in collaboration with Impact Hub Phnom Penh
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring by Impact Hub Phnom Penh to ensure the success of your Phum Impact!

Are you the next Phum Impact founder(s)?

The founders of this initiative are serious about bringing impact to their communities: They believe in the potential Siem Reap and Battambang offer youth and are committed to starting and growing an initiative that will go on for many years to come. Coached closely by the Impact Hub team, you’ll learn from our very best practices, and we’ll give you everything you need to start your community of changemakers: Phum Impact.


We’re looking for two teams: one based in Siem Reap, one based in Battambang, starting in September/October 2020. 

We’re looking for you if you have:

A strong team

A strong commitment

A strong heart

Strong team 

Having a strong team is the most important thing we’re looking for, and in particular, the 1-3 founders who will drive the initiative over time. 

  • 2+ team with a mix of skills and experiences that include Leadership/Management experience, a strong local network, basic understanding of finance/administration, Marketing and communications, entrepreneurship experience/understanding
  • 3-5 Years work experience in related fields
  • Proven experience or understanding of Impact Hub related activities: this includes entrepreneurship, leadership, business, sustainability, community 
  • A maximum of 3 on the ‘founding team’, but other team members welcomed

Strong commitment 

This is not a once-off project, for you to test your skills and move on to something new. This is a long-term commitment to growing a business and community that you will call your own. 

We’ll be looking out to see that you have: 

  • A proven desire to start your own business/community and commit to its development, growth, and impact
  • You already call Siem Reap or Battambang your home
  • A willingness to commit to Phum Impact full time for a minimum of 3 years


Strong heart 

We’re not looking for the faint hearted, or those who only care about others when it suits them. We’re looking for radically empathetic leaders who put their values at the heart of everything they do. 

  • You have proven experience dedicating your time and energy to your local community in Siem Reap or Battambang. This could be through organising events and community activities, starting a project/business, volunteering, etc.
  • You care deeply about: 
    • Sustainability /SDGs
    • Entrepreneurship and how it can change the world/empower youth as leaders
    • Community and collaboration 
    • Kindness and empathy
    • Feminism and equal rights for all
  • You strongly associate yourself with Impact Hub’s values:


    “Get to know your comfort zone, and leave

    Welcoming change, challenges, and experimentation

    Be the change

    …you want to see in the world. Embracing kindness & sustainability every day

    Do it the startup way

    Agile, fast, and always learning

    Impact doesn’t happen in isolation

    It requires collective action”



Ready to start? Let’s do this!