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Thank you to Impact Hub Zurich and Impact Hub Birmingham for inspiring our manifesto!

Our Community App

As well as connecting locally through our space, events and programmes, Impact Hub Phnom Penh members will also be joining a global network of change-makers. Members will have exclusive access to the Community App, a networking app and resource with huge potential linking 16,000 members in 110+ locations.

Our members will be able to identify those working in the same field, find impact makers trying to overcome similar challenges, search for best cases and solutions around the globe, and make many other interactions that will contribute to their venture’s development. Just imagine the potential!

Impact Hub is the only coworking space offering such a powerful tool and the potential to collaborate with inspiring people from around the world. We believe that the challenges faced in Cambodia can be supported by global innovation and collaboration applied locally.

Join our flourishing, diverse community

Impact Hub Phnom Penh is not just a desk in a shared space- we are first and foremost a community, a bunch of awesome people who come to work everyday and try to make the world a better place. Our doors are open to everyone, because we believe anyone can have a positive impact. Take a look at our community manifesto on the left hand side to learn more!

Why is community important to us?

We think that being part of a focused, supportive, diverse community means that opportunities for collaboration increase, more connections are made, and, by working together, we can achieve incredible impact.

Choosing Impact Hub Phnom Penh as your community means you are joining a flourishing group of entrepreneurs, creatives, techies and impact-makers, committed to working together to contribute to a more just and sustainable Cambodia.

We’ve seen the benefits of a strong, diverse and engaged community. Our community has collaborated, cared, and created together, for Cambodia and beyond. We want everyone to know that this is what we stand for, and embrace positive values together!

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