Meet the Cellcard Lab Cycle 2 Winners

Interview by Thida Leiper

On the 6th of April, we hosted our 2nd Pitching Night for the Cellcard Labs, our intensive 6 week business model validation lab for young aspiring entrepreneurs looking turn their ideas into a viable business. After being carefully selected for their outstanding business solutions that tackled a variety of social and environmental issues, our 8 teams took to the stage to present their business models for the chance of a cash prize to help them launch their startups.

From sustainable fashion to financial literacy training for youths, our aspiring entrepreneurs wowed our panel of judges and our audience of over 100 members from the impact and startup community. After careful deliberation, the following teams were announced as the winners:

Cash Prize Winners

  • La Chhouk Recycled & Creative Fashion ($5,000 + 1 year XG6 Plan)
  • Der Prey-ដើរព្រៃ ($3000 + 1 year XG6 Plan)
  • My Home ($2000 + 1 year XG6 Plan)

  • In addition, the following 3 teams were selected as winners of an exposure trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in recognition for their strong motivation and passion. Their trip includes a visit to MAGIC Microsoft Malaysia and Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), the biggest start up accelerator in the region.

    Exposure Trip Winners

  • C-fit
  • Krop Knea
  • Rosnov Douy Sabay

  • With another group of new faces about to pitch for our 3rd round, we caught up with our Cellcard Winners to find out what's next in their entrepreneurial journey and their words of advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs!

    LA CHHOUK - Super Seng & Sovannareach Ith

    Describe your business solution

    La Chhouk Recycled & Creative Fashion aims to raise awareness on the value of recycling products by creating high quality and creative Fashion Show made out recycled products and selling affordable recycled products.

    What’s next for LA CHHOUK?

    We hope to organise our own event that will be the first and biggest Recycled Fashion Show in Cambodia. We also plan to find an office and space to make our products and also find partners to sell them. Now we will be looking for more tailors to grow our team and research more advanced techniques to produce higher quality products.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    In 5 years time, we see ourselves owning a shop and an office with our own branded fashion show (La CHHOUK fashion week). Our vision is for the majority of our sewers and designers that are from Cambodia's LGBT community and we hope to be exporting our products to other country.

    What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

    Remember to be yourself and that you can do anything if you really want to. Also, don't forget that a goal without plan is just a wish!

    Interested in learning more about LA CHHOUK? Visit the Chhlat Facebook Page

    DER PREY - Lykheang Seat - Sereyrath Aing - Sokcheng Seang

    Describe your business solution

    Der Prey is earth conscientious traveling operator provides unique experience connecting with nature for people from all walk of lives. We exists for the shake of livelihood improvement for the local community so it serves as a motivation for them to preserve forests in their community. Traveling with Der Prey, people will come back with fresh mind and insight of how they can take part in the forest protection movement in Young Eco Ambassador and other conservation organizations.

    What’s next for your business?

    For next step, Der Prey will mobilize additional initial investment fund to kick off their planed services in 2017. These includes developing community partnership in 5 provinces: Pailin, Kampong Speu, KohKong, Mondulkiri and Preah Vihear.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    In 5 years time, we will be the iconic traveling agency promoting sustainable tourism in Cambodia.

    What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

    Understanding your customer is a key driver to develop the right products and services, never miss a single chance to gain the insight from your targeted customer.

    Want to learn more? Visit the SweetLife Facebook Page

    MY HOME - Sivmey Thai

    Describe your business solution.

    MY HOME aims to build the habit of money-saving to kids and teenager through saving boxes and financial literacy workshops and training.

    What’s next for My Home?

    MY HOME will produce the variety of saving boxes with different shapes, sizes and educational pictures. We’ll continually raise the awareness of money-saving habit among the children and teenagers in Cambodia through social media and trainings. We believe we can make an impact!.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    In the next 5 years, I see MY HOME will be known and used by many young potential generation who care about the awareness of money-management not only in Cambodia, but other countries as well. Moreover, I see myself as a successful women entrepreneur who will cooperate with many NGOS and financial institutions to run some workshop or training for children and teenagers to educate them about the great impacts of money-saving. I believe money-saving habit and financial literacy will be rise dramatically in Cambodia society in the next 5 years.

    What advice do you have for aspiring social entrepreneurs?

    My best advice for entrepreneur is: to always carry on your ambition and persistence, no matter what people say it’s impossible. To me, ambition is a key to success while persistence is a vehicle to arrive your destination. I was once told that I’m just a small woman, I shouldn’t be too much ambitious. However, it cannot drag me down, it does motivate me to keep on my passion and make it happens today. What I want to tell you is you shouldn’t be afraid of being ambitious, but you must always be afraid of not willing to take a try and not willing to commit to excellence. In all of my life, I never see persistent people fail, but I see people fail because of not having enough persistence. So, start to build up your ambition and persistence to be a social entrepreneur now!

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