A support program and network to help creators, influencers and entrepreneurs produce impactful formats, grow engaged audiences and ultimately build viable media platforms.

As a community, we GROW, EXPLORE
and make more IMPACT


We are here for Media Entrepreneurs with an engaged community

Sometimes it is challenging to be a media entrepreneur who wants to sustainably create impactful content for your followers. media4impact is here to support you and your work so that you can bring awareness and recognition of valuable content for Cambodia while generating income.

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What We Offer

For Cambodia Media Entrepreneurs to:
Explore, Grow, Support Each Other & Amplify their Independent Work in a Collaborative Way.

Our Current Running Activities

We Want to Amplify More Content from Media Entrepreneurs for More Impact
who will raise awareness on meaningful social or environmental issues, inspire youth, and amplify their diverse voices and actions in civic spaces.

“When we see it, we understand it. And when we understand it, we care about it. And when we care about it, we’ll do something to help save it.”

To build a more sustainable and innovative Cambodia.

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