What is MakeSense?

MakeSense is an international community that rallies SenseMakers and "Gangsters" in 128 cities across the world to help social entrepreneurs to solve their challenges.

By putting together our skills and ideas, we can help social entrepreneurs create and develop their businesses and solve the most pressing issues faced by society in such arenas as: education, health, environment, food, etc.

Join a Hold-up

As a social entrepreneur:
Struggling with your communication campaign, lost in building a sustainable model, desperate about how to engage your community... don't stay alone - ask the "Gangsters" community to organized a "Hold-Up" (creative brainstorming) for you.

Post your project and submit your challenge to the community.
2° Contact your local gangsters by sending an email to Mélanie.
3° SenseMakers and Gangsters organize a creativity workshop called a Hold-Up to mobilize and generate innovative solutions to help your project grow.

As a "Gangster":
Active member of our community, the gangsters are the ones organizing our HoldUp (brainstorming session with social entrepreneurs). Do you want to commit and learn more about how to facilitate a HoldUp? Contact Mélanie by email.

As a SenseMaker participant:
You are an individual willing to volunteer with your time and skills to help to solve a social entrepreneur challenge. Stay tuned about the update of the Community on theHotspot MakeSense Phnom Penh Facebook group.

Job offers

Make Sense community is all around the world. Check out these amazing job/internship offers from the global network.