Does your organization or company want to improve its team's capacity, define its goals, answer complex questions or build its strategy?

Then LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is the ground breaking technique you need.

100% tailored for your requirements, build your way to a stronger organization using this powerful tool designed to enhance collaboration, innovative ideas and performance.

With the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) approach you will ensure “lean forward meetings”, meaning more team participation and engagement, greater insights, more knowledge sharing and, ultimately, greater commitment and faster implementation.

When should we consider LSP?

LSP will be effective if it’s important:

  • that everyone is able to contribute their ideas and opinions equally and in a safe place.

  • that the workshop includes honest communication and collaboration.
  • that you maximize the full potential, insight, confidence and commitment of all the people around the table, in a short time.
  • What subjects can LSP tackle?

    LSP will be effective if you need to:

  • address a subject which is complex and multifaceted with are no clear answers.
  • grasp the big picture, see connections and explore various options and potential solutions.

  • hear from team members who are diverse in age, experience, training or organizational status.
  • What can we expect from an LSP workshop?

  • Conclusions which everyone commits to achieve, even if they do not agree 100% with every aspect of decisions.

  • All participants achieve a common understanding and shared motivation that will impact their work as a team after the workshop.
  • That a complex topic has been effectively discussed and deeper new insights have been discovered.
  • The feeling that everyone contributed, were listened to and respected.
  • How does LSP work?

    LSP is a facilitated meeting, communication and problem-solving method, where participants are led through a series of questions, which go deeper and deeper. Each participant builds his/her own 3D LEGO model in response to the facilitator’s questions using specially selected LEGO bricks. These 3D models serve as the basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision-making.

    Why is LSP so effective?

    1. In LSP, the LEGO bricks serve as a common language that anyone can use, regardless of their education, position or culture. This ensures that everybody’s knowledge and insights are shared, regardless of ability. 

    2. The starting focus of LSP is each participant and not the group. This allows every person to be actively involved in the decision-making process, ensuring every team member will honor the decisions and agreements made during the workshop. 

    3.  It has been proven that people prefer to use visual design rather than words when solving problems. LSP enhances creative thought further by combining visual design with structured play. As a result, participants find it easier to discover innovative, unexpected and more effective new ideas to old problems.
    4. LSP ensures more effective communication and understanding because it uses 3D visualization, metaphors and stories. This results in fewer misunderstandings, greater insights and more discussion. 

    5. Workshops facilitated by LSP are focused and safe because conversation relates to the brick models, not the person building them. This allows discussions to become deeper and more meaningful without creating personal conflicts. 

    Tap into the hidden expertise of your team.

    Transform insight and ideas into commitment and shared goals.

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