LEAD is a program for mature start-ups who are looking to scale up their activities. Based on peer learning and accountability groups, entrepreneurs learn from and support each other as they grow.

The Goal

We believe that responsible ventures have a key role to play in solving some of today’s most pressing challenges. We intend to provide young Cambodians with the necessary tools and network to become responsible entrepreneurs and start their own ventures.

The goal of LEAD (Leadership Entrepreneurship Asset Development) is to support entrepreneurs to progress to the next level of development in their start up journey, avoiding backlog and contributing towards the establishment of sustainable transparent and compliant ventures.

How do we plan to do this?

Through Impact Hub’s huge network, events, programs and our co-working space we are regularly in touch with future Cambodian leaders. From young entrepreneurs at an idea stage to the more established, a challenge is common; to find affordable expertise and business skills to progress to the next phase of development of a venture.

The LEAD program will allow selected entrepreneurs to draw on the experience of Impact Hub business consultants and sector experts, providing them with tools, skills and contacts to take their ventures to the next level and allow them to scale their impact.

How does it work?

We have bought together an exceptional group of 15 leading young entrepreneurs, from across sectors and from different backgrounds. Together, this unique group of peers share similar challenges but a common goal of collaboration driven progress.

All LEAD entrepreneurs enjoy full membership at Impact Hub Phnom Penh, becoming part of a global network where they can take advantage of being part of an incredibly diverse community in Cambodia and beyond.

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to experience:

- One to one mentoring (with a business consultant and sector leaders)

- E- Mentoring (for specific skills from experts in the region)

- Group mentoring and peer to peer (with fellow entrepreneurs on the program)

What does LEAD have to offer?

Aspiring and established entrepreneurs will have access to an incredible pool of mentors and expertise. Each entrepreneur will work closely with Impact Hub business consultants and have the opportunity to meet with mentors and coaches based on their needs.

In addition, LEAD entrepreneurs are required to meet once a month to discuss a topic of common interest/learn a new skill under the supervision of our business consultant and guest speakers.

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