Khmer Tourism for the Future: Re-imagining sustainable, domestic tourism
3 August 2020 - Vandara Sin

Impact Hub Phnom Penh, co-financed by Khmer Enterprise, a unit under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as the main sponsor and the Ministry of Tourism, is excited to launch the Khmer Tourism for the Future incubator.

Khmer Tourism for the Future is an incubation program designed to build resilience and innovation in the tourism sector that has been hit badly by COVID-19. The program aims to provide startups and businesses intensive supports to rebuild and re-imagine tourism in the next 12 months and pave a new future for sustainable tourism. 

The program is designed for entrepreneurs with an environmentally friendly prototype or business that has the potential to impact the domestic tourism sector across Cambodia. The ultimate goal of the incubator is to validate and grow alternative models for doing businesses, focusing on the domestic market.

“As a unit under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Khmer Enterprise has the vision to become the national platform for promoting entrepreneurial activities in Cambodia. ទេសចរណ៍ខ្មែរសម័យថ្មី /Khmer Tourism for the Future program intends to support early-stage entrepreneurs in the tourism sector through business masterclass, mentorship, networking, and fieldwork, which supports both KE’s prioritized sectors and activities, “Dr. Chhieng Vanmunin, CEO of Khmer Enterprise

“This program will inject new innovative ideas in the tourism sector to make it ready for the post-COVID-19. KE is positive that many entrepreneurs will gain benefits such as soft skills and access to networks from this program. Most importantly, KE also believes this activity encourages more diversities to support the local economy,” Dr. Munin added.


During this period of great uncertainty and disruption in the tourism sector, we are excited to help entrepreneurs pivot or develop new ideas that can grow into viable businesses. 

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Cambodia’s economy but has quite possibly been transformed forever. It is now, during this period of uncertainty, that we must come together to re-imagine what the future of tourism can and should look like, and build or pivot our startups and businesses to prepare for this future” – Olivia Hough, Managing Director of Impact Hub Phnom Penh

“We, PCU/MoT, are excited to be part of this incubation program. Together, we will build our future tourism in Cambodia in more resilient, inclusive and sustainable ways. 

During this hard time of COVID-19, we need to re-engineer our tourism development agenda beyond what we have been thinking and doing as usual. Embracing SME tourism startups is actually a vital step. We are hoping to see the new creative tourism startups that could not only contribute to the Digital Tourism Development but also boosting our local and national economic development in Cambodia”—Mr. Sok Sokun, Vice Project Manager, GMS TIIG II No. 3701-CAM(COL) (ADB’s Loan Project). 

Support offered on the program:

  • Funding:  Those selected to join the ‘Incubation Phase’ will have a chance to pitch for a grant award from Khmer Enterprise
  • Workshops: Business workshops delivered by tourism and business experts
  • Coaching: Personal mentor to support entrepreneurs’ personal development
  • Mentoring: Sector and industry experts for tailored expert support
  • Network & Connections: Access to Impact Hub’s national and international network, with strategic connections for partnership development 
  • Fieldwork: Advice on how to conduct regular field trips and analyze the results of testing prototype and business models 
  • Demo Days: An opportunity for participants to showcase their business in front of investors, strategic partners, and the public, to build the nation and region-wide exposure and awareness
  • Field trip: A chance to get to know their cohort and understand the market better by attending a field trip outside of Phnom Penh