Introducing TEKHUB: our new program for Tech Innovation

On November 2nd, Impact Hub Phnom Penh in collaboration with The Asia Foundation launched TEKHUB – a community of innovative leaders harnessing the power of technology to achieve positive impact. Hosted on the second floor of The Asia Foundation’s offices in Phnom Penh, TEKHUB will be a place where entrepreneurs and innovators can grow their ideas through hands on prototyping and testing while being able to establish meaningful collaborations.

The Asia Foundation, since it opened its doors in Cambodia in 1955, has had the persistent mission to link people across private sector, government and civil society to find solutions to addressing the critical development challenges the country faces.

“In Cambodia, many feel the growing promise of mobile technology, but innovative services are often out of reach of those who need it most. Tekhub provides a helping hand to those left out, adapting and creating appropriate technology in Khmer language, making tech affordable, and power and data efficient.” explains Country Director of The Asia Foundation, Silas Everett.

One of TEKHUB's resident tech ventures, CodinGate, is a ready example of a young company providing such services. What started just 3 years ago as a project to help technically skilled and highly motivated students to earn their own laptops has now become a successful mobile and web application startup with a team of 37 members and a growing network of clients, investors and partners. Showcasing their latest apps (SokhaKrom and គ្រួសារខ្ញុំ) at the TEKHUB Launch party last Wednesday, Mr. Monkol believes TEKHUB will help build CodinGate into Cambodia’s biggest Tech outsourcing company in five years.


As part of our expansive global and local network, TEKHUB will support passionate tech startups like Codingate to thrive and build connections regionally and beyond, explains Impact Hub Phnom Penh COO Laura Smitheman.

“Globally, Impact Hubs unite people with the drive to pursue enterprising ideas. We have seen the growth of the tech sector in Cambodia and see TEKHUB as the opportunity to help enhance the quality and innovation in this space, while also influencing the market as a whole.”

Not only will TEKHUB invite tech experts, coaches, fellow entrepreneurs and funders to its community, it will also be hosting the final 5 teams of our 1 year incubator program for tech-based solutions (in collaboration with USAID and Development Innovations), EPIC. The program will also include tech and business related events and plans to host between 12-15 resident business ventures (about 70-80 people) in total.