Huot Dara

Entrepreneur in Residence

Abit About Me:

Hi, I am Dara and I am the sum of my experiences. I believe in lives with dignity and I am now happier than ever to be living my dream doing what I love: Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Phum Impact Siem Reap, sitting in a few NGO and social enterprise Boards, and being an Entrepreneur in Residence at Impact Hub Phnom Penh. 

I spent 13 years of my professional careers in customer services, sales & marketing for MNCs in travel, tourism, hospitality, and events management in Cambodia before I embarked on the journey on artists career and social programs sustainability in 2013. I have been very fortunate to have traveled the world and know what’s possible. I am here to work with you to work with Cambodia and Cambodians to reach where we should be, to tap into and reach our own potentials. I have a keen interest in business and personal development and entrepreneurship. My dream is to develop and build and enhance strongly reputable and internationally recognized Cambodian brands.


  • ERP/CRM and other business solutions and strategy consulting 
  • Speak and facilitate workshops on 
    • Social entrepreneurship
    • Build and live organizational culture  
    • Me and My Money 
    • Self-identity and development 
    • Mental and physical wellbeing
    • Beat the burn-out 
    • Be the productivity superstar  
  • I do executive training & mentorship

Contact me

Email: [email protected]

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