Impact Hub Phnom Penh no longer offers a public coworking space. We’re proud to say that we were one of the first coworking spaces to open in the city, and have welcomed thousands of techies, creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers through our doors over the last 4 years, people just like you. 

But fear not. There are lots of incredible spaces that can help you out, and we love and support the communities they are building there- they include The Factory, Sahaka, The Desk, Emerald Hub, and Outpost, just to name a few! 

A big part of this decision is to give us the flexibility to use the space in different ways. We’ll be using the space to run innovation training, events, workshops, and partner programs.

Woohoo! You’ve come to the right place. Before you message us though, please check out this page which gives you all the information you need about our spaces. On the page there is a form you can then fill out to express your interest. Thanks!

How exciting…we look forward to hearing from you! Check out our partners page for more information about our previous collaborations and partners, and our about us page to see what we’re about. 

Check out our work with us page for more information about working on our team. 

The main ‘membership’ that we offer right now is within our Hub Entrepreneurs Club, which is primarily aimed at young, Cambodian aspiring or current entrepreneurs. You can find out more here.

You’ve come to the right place! We offer support to startups in a range of different ways. First off, check out our programs page, as this is the main way we support entrepreneurs- through one of our programs. This also gives you automatic entry into our Hub Entrepreneurs Club, which is another form of ongoing support we offer.