Around the globe, women face basic health and hygiene problems at all socioeconomic levels, from taboos about menstruation and shaming to inaccessibility of basic hygiene provisions, these problems can be solved with the most basic hacks and solutions.

#HackThePad is a workshop aimed to influence of a diverse group of innovators (all working on solving problems that make the community a little brighter, stronger and much safer) to take an entrepreneurial approach and work on an array of great solutions that we are currently lacking in female health and hygiene.

Location: Impact Hub Phnom Penh
Date: Thursday 20th December
Time: 6pm-8pm
Price: FREE
Please register in advance at

Initiate a dialog among stakeholders to spread awareness & provide a solid platform to:
● Break the taboos and look into this problem like all other problems
● Pave way for innovation in female health and hygiene
● Introduction/Icebreaker
● Facts on Menstrual Hygiene Management
● Open questions leading to a healthy discussion on MHM
● Challenges in MHM
● Entrepreneurial outlook – Seeing the challenges/problems as opportunities
● Solution implementation methodology
● Workshop Assessment

– Sundas Waheed – Co-founder of ::iCube::
Her Passion to Invent, Innovate and Investigate lead to founding iCube, a dynamic entrepreneurship and capacity building platform. Ms. Waheed believes that Women Empowerment and Youth Engagement through Entrepreneurship can literally save the day here. Her prime focus is on Women Entrepreneurs and Artisans.
Youth and aspiring entrepreneurs; especially women need help, guidance, and access to resources, specifically mentors, role models, and thought leaders. She, along with her team, takes great pride and pleasure in their platform that is catering to this dire need locally and globally.

– Zainab Chaudhery – Co-founder of ::iCube::
Ms. Chaudhery is a Women Empowerment and Youth Engagement activist. She is a committed mentor and guide for young aspiring entrepreneurs and career professionals which resulted in her founding iCube, a platform for entrepreneurship and capacity building. She believes that a society’s strength lies in its healthy women; physically, mentally, socially and financially. To enable female entrepreneurs, a prime factor is breaking the taboos around their health and hygiene. Through #HackThePad Initiative, she aims to educate and bring together all stakeholders and overcome this blockade of womentrepreneurship.

ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION: by Peace.University, USA, a woman-owned & managed platform, is helping young women entrepreneurs, artists & artisans.

Peace.University, USA is a not for profit community organisation involved in peace, youth engagement and women empowerment. Working in North America, the Middle East, South Asia, South-East Asia, bringing the global perspective to local communities.

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Phnom Penh


Date & Time

December 20, 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Impact Hub Phnom Penh


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: FREE

Updated on 07 December 2018