Sokuntha Eam

Coach in Residence

A bit About Me:

Hi, I’m Sokuntha. I’m a certified Life Coach and Mental Fitness Coach.

Cambodian born and raised in France, I lived in the UK for a while prior to moving to Cambodia. My multicultural background and interest in understanding human psychology led me to pursue the first part of my career in Human Resources, specialised in Global Mobility while working for large international organizations.

During my career, I came to identify, for myself as well as others, the multiple challenges faced by professionals in their career development. In a changing world, where old business models meet new self-awareness, there is a need to maintain business competitiveness while finding self-fulfillment. I research multiple avenues and methods to develop a more meaningful life, where the career path isn’t anymore in dichotomy with personal happiness. I have a particular interest in Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Yoga, and Positive Intelligence.

I started coaching in 2018 as a passion and when the pandemic began to take shape, I decided to dedicate fully my time to coaching. My cheerful and holistic approach, creates the appropriate atmosphere to defuse anguish, motivate action and initiate deep-rooted transformation with my clients.

I embarked in Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s adventure in 2020 as the Lead coach in the Khmer Tourism for the Future program through which I met and coached young entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. Their resilience to keep on going with their projects while the tourism sector was so badly impacted, really inspired me. Since then, I am the resident coach at Impact Hub Phnom Penh and continue to meet amazing people.