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Cellcard ChangeMakers is a collaborative project between Cellcard and Impact Hub Phnom Penh to build awareness around the benefits of social entrepreneurship and leadership. It aims to instill confidence in youth from 8 universities around Phnom Penh so that they can be the change they wish to see in Cambodia’s future.

Through a series of energetic, inspiring and thought-provoking workshops, youths are invited to consider themselves as leaders that can create positive change, to tap into issues that they care about passionately and to consider ways to solve them.

Cambodian ChangeMakers and their message to the Younger Generation

Every month, we are releasing a video portraying one young Cambodian entrepreneur, sharing their inspiring story and their aspirations to build a better Cambodia.

Sustainable Housing Kongngy Hav : My Dream Home
Plastic reduction Hellene and Hellina Sarin: Plastic Free July Cambodia
Arts and sports Sokphirom Riem : Leader of Smallworld Smallband and Cambodia National Player of Sepaktakraw (Siedok)
Education Kagnarith Chea Edemy
Agriculture : Khim Bunlene co-founder of Cambodian Farmer Rice
Special thank you to Vyna Sangva from ChangeMaker Cambodia for helping us with the translation of the video.
Special thank you to our amazing film-makers Dur Montoya and Luis Bareto, from Zoom In Projects who realized the videos.

Cellcard ChangeMakers touring around Phnom Penh

Every month, Chhunny Noem, founder of Anakot Asia and lead trainer at Impact Hub, shares his talk about "How to become a leader to create positive change in your community". Special guests, featured on the previous video, have been invited to share their personal experience with the audience as well.

National University of Management, 8th May 2016 - 80 participants
Cellcard ChangeMakers
Cellcard ChangeMaker NUM
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Cambodian Mekong university, 4th June 2016 - 168 participants

Changemakers Mekong U2
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Changemakers Mekong
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Paññāsāstra International School (PSIS), 9th July 2016 - 148 participants

ChangeMaker PSIS (2)
Change Maker PSIS 3
ChangeMaker PSIS
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Passerelles Numériques , 13th August 2016, 216 participants

Changemakers PNC2
changemakers PNC
changemakers PNC3
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IFL , 27th September 2016 - 65 participants

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PSE , 21th October 2016 - 306 participants

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ITC , 23th Novemer 2016 - 225 participants

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Royal University of Phnom Penh , 23th December 2016 - 119 participants

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"We love it..." - feedback session

Ms. Hean Sokhomrathmannvy

"Last Saturday, I joined the "Cellcard ChangeMaker" event, organized by Cellcard and Impact Hub. This event gave me a lot of inspiration to create my own goals and to bring a positive change to myself and to Cambodian society.

There are many things that I learned from the seminar, but I would like to share the 3 main lessons that I appreciated the most; how to achieve self-exellence, the 5 education rules from Buddha, and the importance of team work.

Firstly, we started the seminar with some short meditation. We had to close our eyes and only think about good things. Then the speaker explained to us how to make ourselves become the best that we can be. What I learned from him is that we have to respect and love other people the same way as we do ourselves. Then we can become a person that can have a peaceful life and receive respect from the people around us.

Secondly, the speaker taught us 5 education rules from Buddha. The first one is called Chanta : desire/dream. We must have the aspiration to achieve something in our life. The second rule is called Viriya : energy/persistence. Even if we have aspirations, if we don’t write clearly in a book what our plan is and how we want to achieve them, we will forget it someday. The third rule is called Citta: imagination/ deep consideration and self-analysis. We have to ask ourselves what we want to achieve and why, what our dreams are and what do we really love. The next rule is called Viman Sak : experimentation and adaptation. We have to ask ourselves why we fail to achieve our goal and what do we have to change in order to succeed. The last rule is very important and it is self-discipline. We have to set our own rules in our life and stick to them.

Thirdly, the speaker divided us into different teams and we had to choose a problem happening in Cambodia. After finding the roots of the problem, we brainstormed different solutions to solve it. I was very excited to meet new friends from different classes and be able to share our opinions with each other.

In conclusion, I have really enjoyed this seminar because I was able to learn a lot of new things while making a lot of friends. I hope that Impact Hub and Cellcard will continue to bring this kind of event in the future."

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