Vath Bank

Program Consultant DEI and Media4Impact 

Abit about me:

Hello! My name is Bank, and I am currently a community lead at Impact Hub Phnom Penh. 

My involvement in Impact Hub Phnom Penh started from getting inspired by what Impact Hub Phnom Penh has been contributing. Then I first joined this incredible yet supportive team as a communications and event intern in 2020. 


Here and now, I am passionate about seeing myself and people be more aware of their rights or legitimacy to do things beyond various social pressures. So yeah, I now enjoy exploring social science areas such as Social Construction, Respectability Politics, and some things along this line.

How can I help you?

Contact me and have a talk 😉

Contact me

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Bank Vath

Facebook: Bank Vath

I keep reminding myself that my moral sense or standard is not better than others and vice versa. FYI, this is not a quote, but my lesson learned lol