Art & Culture

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 Haystome is the best platform for booking authentic art experiences in Cambodia, generating revenue for local artists and connecting people directly with the country's artistic heritage.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 Vibe Soul is are a group of people who love adventure and come together to create awesome videos.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04 Wapatoa (meaning culture in Khmer) is a bilingual website that answers the urgent needs for fun, intelligent content regarding knowledge that makes one’s life better.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 La Chhouk are a recycled and creative fashion brand, designing and producing recycled dresses, showcasing the ability of LGBTQ people and preserving Cambodian traditional art.


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Edemy offer online and offline blended English education to ensure that everyone can learn English irrespective of their affordability, location and resources.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04 Doy Doy is an award winning startup that produces and sells an innovative and affordable game designed to increase motor skills in children.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-11 Scholar Library is a community library that aims to promote an intellectual society and economy, especially among the young generation. The library encourages Cambodians to create a local knowledge resource for our country.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04 Tos Rean is a platform that allows students to have freedom of choices in finding teachers who can provide them personalized learning experiences.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04 WEduShare’s Mission is to give youth the power to embark on the exciting journey to higher education in a welcoming online community filled with high achieving Cambodian youth.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04 Khmerism Keyboard aim to preserve the Khmer language online and in digital form by redesigning and rearranging the Khmer Keyboard, making it easier to type in Khmer.


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13 Young Eco Ambassador is a family of earth loving individuals who empower, inspire and educate each other and our society toward a more sustainable ways of living.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-11E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13 Eco-Plastic is a social enterprise that aims to transform landfill into roadfill.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13 Only One Planet provides superior quality biodegradable food packaging as a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam & plastic.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13 Compost City offers home-composting programs to learn how to compost in 3-month. They provide the equipment, knowledge and power to transform your kitchen waste into compost and to reconnect with the soil.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-05E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 Samatoa Lotus Textiles produces luxury natural materials using lotus and other products native to Cambodia. They are undergoing research and development into produces cheaper materials and combine natural products and recycled plastic in order bring their sustainable products to a wider market.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-11 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13 SmartBin are working to bring a innovative way for people to recycle more. Their recycling bins include sensors that detect when correct materials are put in. The user can download the app to receive points which can then be exchanged for discounts and products from partner organisations.
JisDer, peer to peer ride-pooling solution that connects ride-givers and ride-seekers going in the same direction. Our dream: Minimizing pollution and bringing people closer through sustainable transportation by turning empty vehicle seats into the force of green and social ride-pooling.
Green Lady Cambodia provides girls & women menstruation education, eco-friendly choices for period time in order to save environment, better health, cost-saving and a green business!

Food & Agriculture

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 Junlen is a vermiculture project, which allows the recycling of organic waste into rich nutrients through the cultivation of earthworms.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 Eleven One Kitchen is an environmentally conscious restaurant that offers delicious and healthy cooking. They ensure high employment standards, working with other social enterprises to develop young Cambodians working in the hospitality industry.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 Camkaseka provide farming Chicken for local/restaurants and technical support/supplies for locals who want to do it by themselves to help increase the supply of safe and quality chicken to the market, increasing the revenue for local farmers.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-02 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-03 Neaty are on a mission to increase and promote healthy food choices through ready-to-eat food at affordable prices.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-01E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 DakDam Cooperative is a community-corporate partnership (CCP) for sustainable development to redistribute resources in agribusiness, ecotourism, environmental protection in Mondulkiri.
ITALab Brings Technology to Agriculture

Livelihoods and Community Empowerment

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-01E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-12 My Dream Home produces green, affordable, atheistic and easy to use bricks to low and middle income people in Kampong Speu province and semi-urban areas of Phnom Penh in order to contribute to access housing and better living conditions.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-03 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-11 GoSoccer is a mobile application that allows users to conveniently book football fields using their smartphones with special promotions from partnering fields. Coming soon on App Store and Play Store.


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-03SpeakOut, organisation raising awareness about mental health issues and creating a safe place for youth to express their feelings.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-03 SokhaKrom is a Participatory Healthcare Platform and a central reliable source of trusted healthcare and medical services in Cambodia.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-03 Peth Yoeung, Cambodia's cloud based hospital operating system, is designed to help modernize public and private hospital operation of all types and sizes and its treatment services to patients.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-03 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-04 Life Group is a social enterprise that wants to empower people to be confident, think critically and speak confidently through their coaching programs and platform.


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 Codingate is an app and web development company based in Cambodia and working with both local and international clients.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 is a platform that connect technician to those who are facing household problem mainly focus on plumbing, electrical, and electronic device.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-09 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-11 Somjot is revolutionising the way people park. The app allows users to register their vehicle allowing parking staff to register their QR code. This will drastically increase security of vehicle parking and reduce the time for parking staff.
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-09 Malis is the first digital booking platform for beauty. It provides women of all generations convenient access to beauty services for any occasion.

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-11

tosJis is a platform which seeks to enhance the experience of public transportation and develop smart transportation system in Phnom Penh.

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08 Kokopon is a web platform helping people experience new products & services at the best prices. They aim to help local businesses grow, promote community, and deepen customer-business relationships.


Inclusion+ is a platform connecting people with disabilities with a decent job. They aim to improve inclusive employment.
Dots Coffee is the world's first chain of coffee shops fully operated by the visually impaired.
Agile Development Group has been active in the disability and mobility sector for several years. They are launching their wheelchair accessible and solar tuk-tuk, and most recently a powered attachable wheel for wheelchairs.
DID - Dine in the Dark is a fine dining restaurant providing a unique culinary experience to its guests. Dine in the Dark also raises awareness whilst promoting equal opportunities and employment, as it hires a team of talented visually-impaired waiters called guides.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Urban Mobility & Smart City

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