Written by Sokcheng Thai

Let’s imagine a small resourceful space with one mini library, a large space for interaction and events, one brainstorming room for team discussion, two private rooms for meetings, big colorful beanbags to lay your back on, and a shared kitchen offering you free tea and coffee! Look no beyond the Innovation Garage, the Impact Hub’s brand new space which exclusively and specially designed for Cambodian entrepreneurs of Hub Entrepreneur Club to make their best ownership of.

The Innovation Garage is a collaborative community, a friendly space, and a home for entrepreneurs to meet their team or mentors, brainstorm and develop their business ideas, or just hang out. This special space was successfully launched on Friday, with collaborative support from our partner PiPay who shared the same faith with us in young Cambodian entrepreneurs who not solely had a passion to solve problems but also to bring the best out of Cambodia.

Olivia Hough, Impact Hub’s Managing Director: “Finding innovative solutions that ensure sustainable growth and overcome social and environmental challenges will continue to play an important role in Cambodia’s development. Providing space for the creation, sharing and challenging of ideas and concepts, and bringing like-minded innovators together to create meaningful and impactful projects has long been a goal for Impact Hub”.

What are the 5 things Hub Entrepreneur Club (HEC) members should do to make the most out of the space?

1. Available Resources: Here at the Innovation Garage, we have many free resources for you- free books to read and borrow, free rooms and equipment to use, free coffee and tea, and especially free space for you to make use the way you want for your HEC community. Everything is yours and what are you waiting for?

2. Meet Your Team, Mentor, or Client: We know finding a place for meet up is not hard in Phnom Penh but finding an ideal free space for a meeting is not easy, either you need to pay or you may be distracted by the noise around you. Having identified this need, we offer one open room and two private rooms for you to work for free and of course, you can also enjoy free coffee and tea.

3. Search for People or Ask for Help: At the space, we have a beautiful community board which specially created for “Community Help” purposes. You can pin a note to ask or offer help, look for talents or jobs, or announce your event or product. We are a community of over 100 members and hundreds of networks. How more precious can this be?

4. Attend Exclusive HEC Events:  Do you know we have more exclusive HEC events going on in the Innovation Garage? Yes, we do and there are going to be more than the masterclass you may have heard or joint before. We believe learning and connecting is an endless ongoing process that the more we learn and connect, the more we become better than we were. So let’s learn and connect more.

5. Host a Community Event: We created your HEC but the real success of your community will be in your hands to brighten, strengthen, and map out our journey together. We do not believe in isolation but in the power collaboration and community building that only you and community will bring. And it goes as simple as sharing your story, product, or knowledge with each other.


Your collaboration, engagement, and sense of ownership in the space guide the success of the Innovation Garage,” Sokcheng Thai, the Venture Support Manager & Innovation Garage’s focal contact point.

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